These places in Jiaxing restricted the pass guide, quickly collect-solid converter

Jiaxing where the limit line pass guide for November 13th – November 18th quickly closed the road, part of Jiaxing city will implement temporary traffic management measures. "On the Internet during the Third World Congress of the territory of Tongxiang city limit line area for notice" pass: to ensure that the third world Internet Conference held smoothly, ensuring the smooth flow of road traffic safety, "according to the relevant regulations of the People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law", and the public Security Bureau of Zhejiang Province during the third session of the World Conference on the implementation of the provisions of the temporary Internet the circular road traffic management, temporary traffic management measures on the part of the road in our city. What are the specific contents of the limit line? In November 13, 2016 0 to November 18th 24: Tongxiang city in the ordinary road prohibited firearms and ammunition, explosives, fireworks, toxic chemicals, radioactive substances and other dangerous goods transport vehicles. To really need to transport the beneficial to the people’s livelihood, after approval by the public security department according to the designated time, route traffic. In November 13, 2016 0 to November 18th 24: Ring Road in Tongxiang city (the Second Ring Road, ring road, ring road, ring road, not included) within the road prohibited truck, three cars and tractor traffic; daily 7 pm to 21 PM, Tongxiang City Ring Road (East Second Ring Road, ring road, ring road, Ring Road), Wuzhen Avenue, Kingswood Road, Saline Lake road Tongxiang Road (inclusive) above the prohibition of medium-sized truck, truck speed (vehicle), three cars, tractors traffic. 11 2016 13 0 to 11 years on November 18 24: Longwood regional city (Lotus Road – Kingswood road – Lake Road – canal encircled area, excluding) within the ordinary Road ban truck, three cars, tractors, electric tricycle traffic. Schematic diagram of bypass bypass written notice: due to production needs to enter the Wuzhen limit line area limit line of vehicles, please go to the Tongxiang City Public Security Bureau, Wuzhen Police Brigade three squadron for pass. Pass where? What should I do? Xiao Bian brought the whole process to you! Tongxiang City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade police Milo said in the notice: Please drivers of the passing vehicles to abide by the provisions of this notice, subject to on-site duty police command and management personnel, in advance detour route selection. Due to production needs into the Tongxiang city limit line area limit line of vehicles (except third), please go to the Tongxiang City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade to handle traffic proof. The need for the vehicle to deal with all off-site violations after. For the time on November 7, 2016 -18 day 8:30-11:30 East squadron 13:30-16:30; the gang point security personnel in the post. For the location of Tongxiang City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade squadron East convenient service hall and the city traffic management diversion point gang. For the traffic conditions for the certificate should carry a driver’s license, driving license, insurance certificate and a copy of the original invoice, please, table (the table to receive or apply to the Tongxiang Municipal Public Security Bureau website to download). Notice mentioned in the application form, just below the red box along a road in, will be able to successfully download!

嘉兴这些地方限行了 通行证办理指南赶紧收好 11月13日——11月18日,嘉兴市部分道路将实施临时交通管理措施。《关于第三届世界互联网大会期间桐乡市境内限行区域办理通行证明的通知》:为确保第三届世界互联网大会顺利召开,保障道路交通安全畅通,根据《中华人民共和国道路交通安全法》有关规定,以及浙江省公安厅关于第三届世界互联网大会期间实施临时道路交通管理的通告之规定,对我市部分道路实施临时交通管理措施。限行具体都有哪些内容呢?2016年11月13日0时至11月18日24时:桐乡市境内普通道路禁止枪支弹药、民爆物品、烟花爆竹、剧毒化学品、放射性物品等危险物品运输车通行。对涉及国计民生确需运输的,经公安部门审批后按指定的时间、路线通行。2016年11月13日0时至11月18日24时:桐乡市绕城公路(二环东路、二环南路、二环西路、二环北路,不含)以内道路禁止载货汽车、三轮汽车和拖拉机通行;每日7时至21时,桐乡市绕城公路(二环东路、二环南路、二环西路、二环北路)、乌镇大道,嘉湖公路、盐湖公路的桐乡段道路禁止中型(含)以上载货汽车、低速载货汽车(农用运输车)、三轮汽车、拖拉机通行。2016年11月13日0时至11月18日24时:桐乡市乌镇区域(莲都公路-嘉湖公路-盐湖公路-运河合围区域,不含)内普通道路禁止载货汽车、三轮汽车、拖拉机、电动三轮车通行。绕行示意图绕行示意图通知中写出:确因生产生活需要进入乌镇限行区域的限行车辆,请到桐乡市公安局交警大队乌镇三中队办理通行证明。通行证明上哪儿办?怎么办?小编给你带来了最全的办理流程!桐乡市公安局交通警察大队警察蜀黍在通知里说:请过往车辆驾驶人自觉遵守本通知规定,服从现场执勤民警和管理人员的指挥,提前选择路线绕行。确因生产生活需要进入桐乡市限行区域的限行车辆(除第三条),请到桐乡市公安局交警大队办理通行证明。需办理车辆必须将所有非现场违法行为全部处理完毕。办理时间城东中队2016年11月7日-18日每天8:30-11:30 13:30-16:30;各岗点安保人员在岗时。办理地点桐乡市公安局交通警察大队城东中队便民服务大厅及各进城交通管理分流岗点。办理条件办理通行证明应携带驾驶证、行驶证、保险凭证原件及复印件,货单、审请表(该表可到办理点领取或到桐乡市公安局门户网站下载)。通知里提到的申请表,只需要沿着下图中的红框框一路进去,就能顺利下载!相关的主题文章: