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The worst performance dropped two new women’s basketball team currently ranked tenth in the net – Rio women’s basketball ranking drop bad results concern Beijing morning news (reporter Kang Xuesong) yesterday announced the FIBA Rio Olympics rankings, China team ranked fourteenth, no change, Chinese’s ranking fell two, column tenth. The Rio Olympic gold medal U.S. team still ranked first, followed by the Spanish team, the two are not changed and the Olympic games. The Serbia team in the Olympic final rose to third place. In the Rio Olympic team 0 wins and 5 losses, the Chinese men’s basketball team was eliminated, although it is the worst team in the performance of the team, but there is no change in the ranking, is still the fourteenth place in the world, but not in the first place in the Olympic Games in. In the latest rankings, ranked in the top 13 teams, there are 9 participated in the Rio olympics. The men’s basketball team beat the group phase China Venezuela team, ranked 22 from the previous fifteenth to jump up. Also in the Olympic Games women’s basketball team failed to qualify the group phase Chinese, although over the same group of the weakest teams in Senegal, but the worst record of 1 wins and 4 losses to their ranking fell two to tenth.相关的主题文章: