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The two champion "World War" after the first meeting to finalize the income of 200 million – Sohu sports sports news in the Xinhua news agency in Losangeles on March 11th to finalize the "World War" will be held on May 2nd in Las Garth, before the conference on March 11th, Pacquiao and Mayweather the two world middleweight boxer in the best first face the opponent. Pacquiao’s record was 57 wins, 2 draws, 5 losses, 38 of which were knocked down by KO. Mayweather’s record was 47 wins, 26 of which were KO. Pacquiao currently has the World Boxing Organization (WBO) in the order of gold belt, Mayweather is holding the World Boxing Council (WBC) and the World Boxing Association (WBA) two welterweight gold belt. Therefore, this game will be the world’s three largest occupation Boxing Organization middleweight monopolized the battle, and the importance of self-evident aspect. As early as 2009, Pacquiao and Mayweather are expected to have a strong dialogue, but after more than five years of operation, the "century war" just arrived. "We’ve come a long way, and we’re finally here," Mayweather said at the press conference. Pacquiao responded, "the duel is going to start, and we’re all excited about it. We will train hard and try to make boxing fans happy in the best performance of the 2 day of May." Mayweather has shown great confidence in his own unbeaten record. "I believe in my own technology," he said. Pacquiao was equally confident: "I believe I can win the May 2nd showdown."." It is reported that the total income of the "century war" will reach 200 million US dollars. (finished)

两大拳王“世纪大战”敲定后首碰面 收入达2亿-搜狐体育  新华社洛杉矶3月11日体育专电 在敲定“世纪大战”将于5月2日在拉斯韦加斯进行后,3月11日的赛前发布会上,帕奎奥和梅威瑟这两位世界上最优秀的次中量级拳手第一次直面对手。   帕奎奥的战绩为57胜2平5负,其中38次击倒(KO)对手取胜。梅威瑟的战绩为47战全胜,其中26次击倒(KO)对手取胜。   目前帕奎奥拥有世界拳击组织(WBO)次中量级金腰带,梅威瑟则手握世界拳击理事会(WBC)和世界拳击协会(WBA)的两条次中量级金腰带。因此,本场比赛将是世界三大职业拳击组织次中量级“一统江湖”的战役,重要性和看点不言而喻。   早在2009年,帕奎奥和梅威瑟就有望进行强强对话,但经过五年多的运作,这场“世纪大战”才姗姗到来。   “我们走了一段很长的路,最终还是来到了这里,”梅威瑟在发布会上说。   帕奎奥回应道:“对决即将打响,我们对此都很兴奋。我们会努力训练,力争在5月2日用最好的表现让拳击迷们感到开心。”   对于延续自己的不败纪录,梅威瑟表达了很强的信心。“我相信自己的技术,”他说。   帕奎奥同样信心满满:“我相信能够赢下5月2日的这场对决。”   据悉,本场“世纪大战”的总收入将达到2亿美元。(完)相关的主题文章: