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The stars and athletes "crossover CP"   Sheenah: Zhang Jie and brother played — Shandong Channel – original title: stars and athletes "crossover CP" Sheenah: Zhang Jie and brother play has participated in the two season of the Sheenah said, if the third season, she will continue to participate in. After the Rio Olympics, many entertainment stars and athletes. "Crossover CP" turns the stage, popular male god Zhang Jike and Sheenah with the box by a lot of attention. In view of the fact that Zhang Jike Sheenah had expressed his "ideal type", two days ago in Hunan TV reality show "we have come to the" in "fit", not only with motor boats, but also learn from the table tennis game, very congenial. Sheenah and Zhang Jike interact so love, netizens are very concerned about how to see Zhang Jie? Yesterday, Sheenah accepted the reporter’s interview, she said happily: "my brother (Zhang Jie) will not be jealous, because my brother taught singing in Zhang Jike, Zhang Jie and brother playing table tennis." At the same time, hold lived a universal man and her husband, no wonder Sheenah mood. And Zhang Jie had just married 5 anniversary, two couples in the net in the chorus of Sheenah presided over the "this is love", let netizen exclaimed: "there is a love called Zhang Jie and Sheenah." Sheenah said, before Zhang Jie refused to accept the invitation, learned that this may be the last season she presided over the program, immediately agreed with the husband and wife with the box. At present, Zhang Jie is preparing for the tour, the annual U.S. study is also unable to make the trip this year, Sheenah also need to "happy camp" to "read" the leave. She said: "my brother is working this year relatively full, he is doing the world tour, then his new song, this year no one arrangement." You know, every year Sheenah went to America is called "pregnant" peak, it seems this year after a break. Now, we have completed the recording. Guardian of the reality show through the two quarter of Sheenah admitted that if the program is still in the third quarter, she will participate. She said: "before the two season gave me special memories, because it has little time with so many girls circle together chat, I very love. If there are third seasons, of course, especially good, because it is a very positive energy transfer program." (commissioning editor Liu Yingjie and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章: