The song sound of mid autumn Joker with fifth team sprint-bree daniels

The song sound of mid autumn Joker with fifth team sprint Sina entertainment news this week 21:10 Thursday night, Zhejiang TV [micro-blog] "Chinese new song" in the Mid Autumn Festival will bring a visual feast for the audience. Fifth team captain live Joker [micro-blog] led the team students expand popular PK; Jay Chou, Na Ying, Wang Feng [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Harlem Yu, [micro-blog] four tutors live incarnation of "reliable moon cake day mission, funny concert, more exciting game tutorial showdown, Happy Mid Autumn Festival in the scene! The hand piece in the night of the mid autumn Joker carrying fifth team debut as a fifth team captain live Joker unveiled the autumn night, Frank humor he was deeply loved four tutors. He sang a song "you want me to do" at the scene, after the deduction Joker became the "human jukebox", Harlem Yu Na Ying: "I have to listen to the song" ugly eight strange "" I want to listen to "the actor"". The Joker loved Na Ying more exposing shows between the lines: "every day I put his songs in the car, with me every day." However, in addition to fifth when the team mentor, table Joker or the hand piece as in the past, "talk" is the force, let Taotao best talk host Li Yong [micro-blog] all seem unable to resist sustain the blows. Jielun and Wang Feng say the name "Daddy alliance alliance" in Li Yong, a face of doubt Joker said: "can mean feeding dad?" Speechless host can only laugh quickly explained: to help nursing." When Li Yong said, "Joker as captain to spare some time, and their students stay together, hurriedly promised the Joker responded:" well, I try to sleep together with them." That night, fifth students also follow the team candidate tutor Joker debut scene. The first stage for the top five tutor students will be eliminated after the war through the field and network voting, decided to enter the Fifth Corps places. The fifth team high popularity of students will have the opportunity to sing in the nest. In this regard, the tutor Joker said: "I hope through the network voice, also can make more friends, make better sound presentation at this stage." "No reliable cakes" joy appeared funny tricks tutor day night in addition to all popular student performances, four instructors also combined into "Asia’s top super popular group": "not reliable cakes", bring a visual feast to the audience at the same time, four instructors more funny is the embodiment of a variety of tastes "moon cakes", brought a wonderful concert, the hot atmosphere pushed to the climax. As a "reliable moon cake day group’s lead singer, Na Ying said he is funny" singer and violinist Wang Feng osmanthus "," ham is stuffing ", guitarist Harlem Yu said:" he is a relatively new taste, durian, love love love me, don’t kick me to death." The youngest mentor Jielun was described as a "small meat moon cake". Easy funny combination and show host and the audience laughing. In the "new sound" mid autumn, "no reliable moon cake day end)相关的主题文章: