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The secret army in Anti Japanese War eight years equipment: from rough to strong firepower — Guangxi channel — original title: Secret Army in Anti Japanese War eight years equipment: from simple to powerful Japanese type 92 heavy machine gun (Jianchuan Museum for map) in September 1937, about one hundred thousand out of Sichuan Sichuan Army soldiers to the East, from the beginning to the end of the war, Sichuan the output of more than 3 million soldiers. The about 3000000 men in the battlefield is the use of what kind of weapons, compared with the Japanese equipment merits? In Jianchuan Museum, the reporter saw the Anti Japanese War, Sichuan soldiers wore coarse clothes and hats, sandals, used in gun, made in Hanyang, also saw a Japanese helmet uniforms, 38 cover; and please relevant responsible person Yang Jianzhao Jianchuan Museum, interpretation of Joseph resistance equipment, and contrast with the japanese. In August 1937, the national government military commission Chuanjun each part second reserve army with Liu Xiang as commander in chief, Deng Xihou as deputy commander in chief, two columns. From September 7th onwards, the day before were marched against the line from the north and East sichuan. Yang Jianzhao introduced, Then Joseph equipment "extremely poor". "Because this part of Sichuan strictly speaking is adapted to the local warlords armed forces Chinese regular army, military equipment, quality and treatment, and the Kuomintang troops are not comparable." Yang Jianzhao said, Joseph is a motley, overall equipment are not very good, only two sets of each soldier, Dan Bei cloth unlined a mat, a hat, a top, two pairs of sandals, and more in the the Yellow River area north of operations, almost can not keep out the cold. The weapons, the more inferior, "made in Hanyang" are not many, many are left to the "old Mauser", and a large number of Sichuan made "one track mind" 79 rifle. The Qing Dynasty left to the "old Mauser" disrepair, an important indicator of Sichuan made 79 firearms failure rate, far less than the requirements. Some home-made rifles sometimes hit two guns would not pull open bolt. Quality is not only one aspect of the quality, quantity is also a short board. A company can not match a machine gun, each division only more than and 10. Heavy machine gun is a division only one or two. The gun, each division and only a few doors made of mortar, artillery, artillery in the Sichuan and only a few doors. There is no traffic, communications, supplies, health and other equipment and equipment. Out of Sichuan, and the brigade head of self financing or their own money in the market to buy a gun to buy guns, weapons. So how to other Sichuan situation? Yang Jianzhao said that all of the Sichuan army, to the number of main Liu Xiang’s best troops and equipment. Liu Xiang after 1928 had three large-scale imports of foreign weapons, buy millions of thousands of rifles and bullets in the Hanyang Arsenal, and also the local factories and a large number of fake self-made weapons through their weapons weapon. Some scholars calculate, each division Liu Xiang on average should have mortars 60, light machine gun was about 130, in Sichuan is more prominent in the. Sichuan Sichuan before the war, the national government promised to give weapons and equipment to strengthen. In fact, the Sichuan Chuanjun after being dispersed disposal, Liu Xiang "will be concentrated only in Chuanjun operations failed, which required the weapons, Sichuan)相关的主题文章: