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Second "entrepreneurship is the youth entrepreneurship competition start – Beijing Youth Online on 17 October, (Beijing Youth Daily China? Youth online reporter Li Xiang) today, hosted by Chinese Youth newspaper second" entrepreneurship is the youth entrepreneurship competition started, competition will be combined China parent fund alliance, Celestica Fund Hong Tai Yuan fund, Nobel capital, capital, fund, Mizuki Gongmei fashion micro still creating institutions such as venture capital services, provide project and enterprise docking platform, 180 million yuan venture capital fund for the majority of young entrepreneurs share, a total of 179 thousand yuan final bonus. Second entrepreneurship is the youth entrepreneurship contest will last for three months, divided into Contest Registration – network promotion – Final roadshow in the three stages, in accordance with the division of the enterprise group and team competition. Youth Online (chuangye.cyol node_58989.htm web page address) as the only official platform competition, the project team to register and submit the relevant documents, to participate in the competition. This year, the second session of the "entrepreneurship is the youth entrepreneurship competition continues to lead the wave of innovation and entrepreneurship, explore the outstanding entrepreneurial projects at the same time, to further improve the business service system, and strive to create" business ecosystem services ", the outstanding entrepreneurial team, industry experts, well-known entrepreneurs and investors fund elite entrepreneurial resources together to complete the business circle the information exchange and resource sharing through the competition platform, and strive to open up the service business of the" last mile road". In October 2015, the state Internet information office network of social work under the guidance of the Bureau, jointly organized by the Chinese Youth newspaper, Tsinghua holdings first "entrepreneurship is the youth entrepreneurship contest finals closing. A total of 730 teams and enterprises to participate in the competition. Eventually, the top 10 won a total of $800 thousand bonus, direct investment of $10 million venture capital fund, as well as the depth of the guidance of the outstanding entrepreneurial mentor group. In addition, entrepreneurship is the youth entrepreneurship competition and local government cooperation, provide propaganda channel field of Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship, to contest the results effectively into the new productivity, promote national economic development and social progress.相关的主题文章: