The rescue team on new discovery a new network from Guo Chuan lifejacket safety rope –

The rescue team on new discovery: a new network from Guo Chuan lifejacket safety rope – Guo Chuan said, he sailing like Boulter to run the 100 meters every step to the exact same, any details can not be ignored, because sometimes he to walk in the edge of life and death, can not tolerate any mishap. People, Qingdao, November (14) Guo Chuan (Liu Yingjie) lost contact found new clues! Reporters learned from the Sichuan team, Guo Chuan is wearing a life jacket and safety rope tied. In November 11th, consisting of four French professional ocean sailing seaman Quentin, Luther Armand, Vic and Jacques rescue team boarded the "Chinese? Qingdao, a ship began to check the clues of the fall of the water, and take photos, but because of the Betty H fishing boats on the communication transmission is limited, good photos can not be returned. 12, the rescue team boarded the trimaran again, took half a day to debug the maritime satellite communications system, the picture was successfully returned to the shore team, report the results of the inspection. Guo Chuan team immediately held a meeting on the ship to find clues to investigate and study, and Guo Chuan and his family to inform the situation. After the consent of the consent of the families of Kawa, the team announced the fact that the following. After inspection, the rescue team found that the breaking of the safety rope buckle at the right rear of trimaran buoy. This proves that Guo Chuan in the water, not only wearing a life jacket, but also tied a safety rope. In addition, the rescue team found the pontoon hull trimaran check damaged, has been hard hit trace. But Guo Chuan water is because the hull was suddenly hit by a foreign body, but also can not know. The rescue team and the French professional seaman team of experts agreed that the needs of future ship lifting up, check the damage at the bottom, in order to know the possibility and extent of damage by foreign body impact. The rescue team also confirmed that drowning is drowning because of Hyriopsis jackstay fracture. But why stay will be broken, need to climb the mast for further investigation in future. "It was a complete accident. It was so sad." Guo Chuan team technical manager, French expert Yvonne? Belha said in an analysis of the rescue team back to the picture. On the current knowledge of the situation, according to the analysis of the rescue team and the French team of experts Chuanan Guo, Guo Chuan drowning may have two. The first is: Jib jib sheet breaks lead to drowning, Guo Sichuan in order to save the drowning Hyriopsis trimaran, operating on the starboard side of the ship in the rear, he was wearing a life jacket and a safety rope. But perhaps because the hull was suddenly hit or other reasons, Guo Chuan suddenly fell into the water. The second is: Guo Chuan wearing a life jacket and the safety rope tied in starboard rear, trimaran may have a sudden impact, resulting in jib sheet fracture, a triangular sail instantly fell into the water, this strength together, instantly lead to drowning Guo sichuan. Normally, the safety rope can guarantee the seaman drowning, firmly holding the seaman, to avoid ship separation. If in the moment the drowning seaman got back on the boat, you can change danger into safety. Otherwise, it may become very dangerous, because Guo Chuan drowning, trimaran still maintained a speed of 10 knots per hour, if Guo Chuan was dragging the trimaran in the water, the dangerous degree will not.相关的主题文章: