The quick assessment then manybe you will double the income of poorer – Sohu comments pigeon blood

The quick assessment: then manybe you will double the income of poorer – Sohu comments finishing section users pay attention to our hearts the grass must remember, in the last issue we mentioned a 8700 word long known as the "State Council on focus groups to stimulate activity driven by urban and rural residents’ income on the implementation of the views of" document, that is one said to give the seven class wage scared buddy almost had a heart attack file. Recently, the people’s daily and reliable from this document to help you read a good news, according to China’s goal, to 2020 per capita income of urban and rural residents have more than doubled in 2010, doubled ah Comrades Hin, a big pie, see will fall down, the big dipper! People’s daily did not forget to ask you close friends, are you ready? Sohu Hebei netizen Wu Feng high check was "ready" ready — not on the primary school, wearing open pants, we are ready for communism!" Sohu Jiangsu netizen "I kind wait said" I’m ready, waiting for the money." This netizen is really a blunt boy, give money this thing what we need to do what preparations? The money people eager to look forward to, but where is the money coming from? Have you ever thought about the mood of the people who send money? Sohu of Beijing city "by the wind, iron and steel" had a premonition that "we are all ready, not ready to pay the boss how to do?" The landlord did not much surplus, enterprise employees to pay inadequate, in the eyes of some users in mind this is not so good to achieve double income, but it is very easy to do, like you said it would double the double magic or magic ah? This is not the will open the printing press? Revenue is expected to double the natural, but there are also doubts, the income of gold to double the number? How to get in the hands of the money there is not a sense of security, the Sohu Shanghai netizen "jiwai bird" that could double the first performance of double the official said income in prices ", how do I feel downstairs fruit pancake also increase to 5 yuan, now a pancake, according to the official statement, pancakes immediately to the price to 10 yuan, or 12 and 15." Sohu Tianjin netizen "ambition" throughout history that ability on doubled, the price is absolutely a master "from the historical point of view, the price is faster than income doubled." Through the interpretation of these two users, all tell you how many times the income doubled, but do not tell you how many times the expenditure of the policy is to play rascal ah! Sohu Shandong netizen really Xin "gold content" consider income relative to income doubled on the basis of income, I was more concerned about the price rise much, how much is the gold content of my salary, how much I deposit money in the bank stock?" Sohu of Anhui province netizen "idle" gold income mainly reflected in the "real purchasing power through is real, if income, prices turn faster, people will only get worse!" If the income growth, while the pressure is also growing, and even the growth rate of pressure higher than the income growth, such a doubling of what practical significance? Such double gold content is not?相关的主题文章: