The Premier League can’t stop this God! He broke Messi Chelsea to Barcelona (video)-97179

The Premier League really stop the God! He broke Messi Chelsea [= Barcelona star], Zal scored two shine Chelsea really domineering king Zal king return return a Tencent sports news November 6th season, Mourinho praised he can emulate Messi, C Ronaldo; last season, he became Chelsea missed the European war crime morrison. After a year of silence, the return of Zal this season, the 4 round of the league, the Premier League scored a total of 7 goals in the field, this year just entered in November, he scored more than last season! Chelsea (data) and Everton before it is considered a war, could be a stalemate game, but after nineteenth minutes, Zal blew the horn Chelsea attack. This is a common way to break the 2014-2015 season fans: inside from the left flank, 1V2, right foot shot. He shot quite tricky, went straight to the bottom right corner and go, even if Stekelenburg fell to the ground fighting action, the ball still from him down the net. But there is a data, even at the peak of the season, Zal never recorded o: after 3 rounds of the league, with the Leicester City, Manchester United, Southampton fight, he has scored, and the occupation career so far, has not been the first consecutive 4 League goals! In this game, Eden finally completed the very meaning of self breakthrough, it also shows that his fiery state has been a trend which cannot be halted. Belgian international was unstoppable, fifty-sixth minutes, he meets Pedro heel pass, change from right Luneiqie, or 1V2, but this is a left foot shot, hit a reverse direction near corner of the goal, the halo cheated no Stekelenburg reaction, only musongpiqiu network, two, may two degree! As for the other 3 ball Chelsea, Eden also are involved in (but not directly assists), 5 ball victory over Chelsea, he remember tougong. So far this season, a Zal 14 Chelsea appearance (11 times in the Premiership), has recorded 7 goals in all competitions, and last season he made 43 appearances for the blues, a total of only 6 into the ball! Is used 1/3 times, breaking the entire season goals. So the question is: why Eden strong return? From the players point of view, the end of last season, he had signs of recovery, 3 consecutive league goals, the European Cup this summer has played well. One is a Zal in perfect health, no longer played with the injury; two is his confidence to fully recover, the ball is no longer shilly-shally, but dare to win the ball like that season. From the team perspective, Conti gave Zal a free, in 343 in the formation of the Belgian, closer to the road, in the rib he love most; behind Marcos Alonso and Matic in his defense, but also reduce the task, can put more energy into the frontcourt attack. 2014-2015 season, Zal scored 14 goals in the league, to help win the Premier League title in the league this season, the state is better, has been completed in half of the state of the United states. Mourinho in the "inferior mero person" in Conti account to achieve a new breakthrough and broke out, he can once again bring a trophy for the blues Mody? Fans can take warm look. (read Chau)相关的主题文章: