The police cracked the case of large manufacturing and selling firearms and arrested 35 suspects (

The police cracked the case of large manufacturing and selling firearms and arrested 35 suspects (Figure) original title: Hubei police cracked the case of large manufacturing and selling firearms and arrested 35 suspects (Figure) for police investigators demonstrated the suspect made ammunition. Zhong Xin photo Beijing, Hubei, Shayang, October 10 (Li Xiang Zhao Jingzhong Xin) October 10th, informed Hubei city of Jingmen province Shayang County Public Security Bureau, after nearly six months of investigation, the police removed Beijing, Shanghai, most of Hunan, Fujian, Guangxi, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other provinces and cities, the detection of 3 and 11 the Ministry of Christ large network manufacturing trafficking of firearms, and arrested 35 criminal suspects. According to the briefing, the police destroyed the trafficking of firearms and ammunition dens 6, seized 69 firearms of various types of products (including imitation 64 pistol 9, gunpowder pistol 1, single 12 shotguns, 1 small caliber rifles, high imitation vulture gun 46), gun accessories 2344, 315 bullets (including military bullets 60, shotgun shells 222 hair, homemade pistols and 33 bullets), lead bullets 3508, 10 kg of gunpowder and firearms and ammunition manufacturing tools. Since January 2016, the Jingmen Municipal Public Security Bureau patrol found online, some people buy a lot of shells, pencil powder items such as through the network, also claimed to have sold the pistol. March 11, 2016, the Jingmen Municipal Public Security Bureau will be handed over to the Public Security Bureau of the clues investigation, codenamed 3 & 11 project. Shayang County Public Security Bureau investigation. A manufacture of firearms and ammunition suspected criminal gangs surfaced, more than 10 suspects have entered the police line of sight. Since then, the task force footprint in Hubei, Hunan, Fujian, Guangxi, Guangdong and other 5 provinces and cities in 17. In May 5th, Zhanjiang will be on the line to Guangdong special police arrested Li Moujian. In May 31st, police in Hunan city of Zhuzhou province. The ongoing transfer of firearms accessories online Zhang Mouhong and other 5 suspects arrested, and seized more than 2000 pieces of firearms accessories. Pictured police seized part of the manufacturing tools. Photo by Zhong Xin tushen, Zhang Hong truthful account of the facts of the crime of trafficking high pressure air gun. Since December 2015, the purchase of special aluminum in Zhejiang city of Ningbo Province, the villagers contacted Zhejiang province mouyun Fu Ningbo city machinery factory boss Feng Mouchao, asked for help in making imitation of bald eagle air gun body and accessories, and then through the logistics company to Changsha. Zhang Mouhong rented 3 warehouse in Changsha, hired 4 people, divided into orders, shipping and packaging group group group, by Li Moujian and other more than and 30 agents directly to firearms accessories are sold all over the country (except Xinjiang and Qinghai), sold a total of more than 1500 sets of high pressure air gun kit. In June 20th, the Ministry of public security sent a congratulatory message to the Shayang police, "3, 11" the detection of special classes to be informed of praise, and the case was listed as the Ministry of public security handling of the case, also launched a nationwide campaign to cluster. In July 12th, civilian police in Shanghai Pudong Development Zone will be successfully captured Feng Mouchao, Feng Mouchao truthfully confessed since December 2015 Zhang red processing more than 6000 sets of gun crimes. August 14th, Jun相关的主题文章: