The overseas expansion of the territory of three blood 3 Vietnam’s top manufacturers signed vng yuanjiao

The overseas expansion of the territory of "three blood" signed 3 Vietnam’s top manufacturers of VNG in recent years, China domestic game has been rapid development, product quality and reputation are also increasing. The background of the Three Kingdoms, the strategic war theme coupled with the interpretation of Chinese art style, it is often easy to get recognition of Asian players. Especially in Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other developed areas of Chinese culture, has a broad game market and a huge consumer groups. After August this year, millions of dollars to sign Taiwan Huayi recently, "three blood 3" the successful signing of Vietnam’s top manufacturers of VNG, overseas territory to the next city! "Three blood 3" Vietnam’s top manufacturers signed VNG 3 "three blood" as a kind of three SLG Webpage Game, with the most well-known three game player as the background, the pursuit of beauty in HD screen, such as a local color building, Cao Cao, Guan Yu, arms apparatus; Zhao Yun nearly1000 three history celebrity. These China classical historical culture, in China inherits with the culture of Vietnam in the game player has a deep sense of identity. At the same time, top combat experience, exquisite scene style, dazzling fighting effects, is to let the "three blood 3" to get a lot of game player Vietnam’s favor, its excellent performance in the end of the page has been highly recognized by Vietnam’s top manufacturers VNG. "Three blood" signed 3 Vietnam’s top manufacturers of Vietnam’s leading Internet service provider VNG VNG was founded in 2004, has more than 2000 employees and 12 years of senior game operation experience, there is a strong flow of its own platform, which is home to the Jinshan JX series end tour started in the end of the Tour’s top manufacturers active layout, Webpage Game, Mobile Games market the three line, and strive to create a comprehensive development, the integration of online game companies. It is understood that VNG has introduced a total of eight guardians, dream three, turret legend, ddtank, miracle return and other more than and 20 domestic Webpage Game masterpieces, and they have been in the SLG Webpage Game looking for a high-quality, full of all types of travel companies to fight in the page layout. Today, VNG has finally found the last piece of the puzzle of dreams, they think "for" the quality of the game, "three blood" is the 3 Vietnam market, the one and only "and the" game has extremely exciting experience of war "," simple, general users can freely play "and" have a variety of play "three major advantages is that they consider the introduction of the biggest reason. "Three blood 3" Vietnam’s top manufacturers signed VNG 3 "three blood" in the domestic market can be described as fast, since September 20th the whole platform beta, joyport technology strategic cooperation with more than and 30 domestic first-line gaming platform to carry out comprehensive joint operations, the largest investment resources, equipped with the best team, won the game player and the industry alike. Excellent performance in the game in the country, so that everyone on the blood of the 3 overseas performance is full of expectations. On the other hand, according to the Taiwan, Vietnam and other Asian markets are international strategy a stage, "three blood" will also have 3 game agent and other countries reached a cooperation agreement, is expected in more countries also launched operations. About "blood three".相关的主题文章: