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Opening day record: Leonard Jordan signs 27 year career night reproduction – Sohu sports Beijing time on October 26th, 2016-17 NBA regular season officially opened the curtain, and after the game today, also gave birth to a lot of new record. The following are the details: 1 James gorgeous three double record today, 2016-17 NBA regular season officially opened the curtain, the first game, the knight home court won the opener 117-88 victory over Nicks. The game, James played 32 minutes, scored 19 points and 11 rebounds and 14 assists, fifty-ninth career regular season, the forty-third hit three double. In addition, 14 assists James, he created a career high opener, and 6 dunk only than career highest value (7 times) 1 times less. This is not over, James in the opener cut three pairs, which is also the first time in his career. Data show that since the 1983-84 season, a total of 8 people in the League to play the opening match of the three pairs. The last player to complete this miracle is Jason – Kidd. In November 2, 2006, the nets in the game against the Raptors, Kidd scored 14 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists. 2 Erwin’s record of 29 points or the ball, the Cavaliers another giant Kaili – Erwin play is also very good, he only played the first quarter of the next 29 minutes. In the third quarter, Erwin feel hot to 19 points, and 29 points tied the single game scoring record in his career opener. 3 Nicks defeat flat team history in contrast, Nicks is very poor. The ball, they lost a total of 29 points, which also tied the New York team history opener lost points record. 2000-01 season, Nicks in the confrontation with the 76, 72-101 suffered defeat, that night, they lost the same score of 29 points. 4 Leonard career night at the Spurs 129-100 away win against the warriors, Leonard ushered in a large outbreak of the campaign, he 21 cast 10, 15 free throws, 35 points and 5 rebounds and 5 steals. 35 points, is Leonard’s personal career scoring record, he had had a single game up to a maximum of 33 points. In addition, the 15 free throw shot also refresh his record number of free throws in a single shot; and the 15 shot hit, the same is the best performance of Leonard career free throw. Look at the history of NBA, since the 1983-84 season, only 3 players in the League having scored 35+ opener, 5+ steals data, they are Jordan Chris, Nick Anderson, Mullin and Michael. Today, Leonard is the fourth player to do that. 5 young spurs or successfully steal the spotlight in this game, the Spurs defender Jonathan Simmons has played very well, he scored 20 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists, which broke the personal career regular season scoring record. Earlier, Simmons highest single game is divided into 19 points, is played in April 13, 2016 against the Mavericks. 6 replicate Jordan signs the Blazers Lillard first home court 113)相关的主题文章: