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The old woman on the train to the relatives and friends wrote the note train she arrived safely – Beijing newspaper news November 15th train crooned, wrote a note to say goodbye to friends and family…… 10, Haikou to Harbin on the Z112 train took place such a scene. Guangzhou Railway Station train Z112 way 10 from Haikou back to Harbin, holding up a Guangzhou – Tianjin plus two train tickets, train all the way to the north, until the drive from Ganzhou, the surrounding passengers found the name of some woman sitting in a trance, not only in the automatic speaking bunk, occasionally singing and dancing, this sudden a travelers around the scene so worried because we looked around and found that the elderly passengers actually unaccompanied alone. This also attracted the attention of the conductor. Reporters from the conductor Li Shuwei shift to found the passengers of the situation, they immediately start the emergency plan, the police inform duty to carry goods for inspection, plus two car train assigned crew Zhang Bo, the peak passenger passenger care as the key. Sure enough, even more unexpected scene occurred in the Fuyang station, passengers want to get off this suddenly out of the station, the crew will peak and train long she advised to train, let it continue to own the original journey. Do not want to, after the HeZe Railway Station after driving the passengers actually wrote a note saying goodbye to friends and family, and a suicide note to commander Li Shuwei, after the 640 yuan in cash will carry over to the commander said: "I don’t need your help, and I to the people in need." Li Shuwei and Zhang Bo crew of patient care and persuasion. According to Li Shuwei introduction, after talking to them that the passengers a total of four children, we help the railway public security department, contact with her son, said his son has been aware of this situation. Taking into account the special circumstances of the passengers, Li Shuwei and TianJin Railway Station staff to communicate in advance, the focus of the transfer of a little, until the TianJin Railway Station to fill in the passenger records to TianJin Railway Station duty officer. (Luan Deqian)相关的主题文章: