The new minister of two former deputy secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

The new minister of two former deputy secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection – the new network in the twelve session of the twenty-fourth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee concluded in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing yesterday morning, the Minister of finance, the Ministry of state security minister Li Liguo dismissed the Huichang Geng voting position, Minister of civil affairs Huang Shuxian duties, Minister of supervision Lou Jiwei duties, appointment Chen Wenqing, Minister of state security, the Ministry of Civil Affairs Minister Huang Shuxian Xiao Jie, Secretary of the treasury. Among them, Chen Wenqing and Huang Shuxian served as Deputy Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline inspection. JINGWAH Times reporter Zhang Ranwei Zhang Ning Sha Xueliang reported that a comprehensive national security minister Chen Wenqing 22 years ago to work in 1980 1984 to contact the national security, the Chen Wenqing from Sichuan in the Southwest University of political science and law, legal professional learning, received the best legal education, University graduate. Occupies the southwest corner of the Southwest University of Political Science and Law, has been called Chinese law "Whampoa  military academy", walked out of the Chinese law "half of the country". Someone said, my "new three" (1978 – 1981) is a successful example of Chinese legal education. Their academic or political achievements have had a significant impact on China’s law. This is the so-called "Southwest phenomenon" of the general meaning. The 32 year old Ren Leshan Public Security Bureau after graduating from college, Chen Wenqing from the police station at the age of 32 he was promoted to work, the Leshan municipal public security bureau. In 1994, 34 year old Chen Wenqing to the national security system, served as deputy director of Sichuan Provincial Department of national security, after 4 years of probation. In 2002, Chen Wenqing was promoted to the Sichuan Provincial People’s Procuratorate, deputy provincial officials ranks among the. In 2006, Chen Wenqing was transferred to Fujian Provincial Committee, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection secretary, became the youngest Provincial Discipline Committee, and was elected the seventeen session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in the following year. 2011, 51 year old Chen Wenqing was elected Deputy Secretary of Fujian provincial Party committee, continue to serve as secretary of the provincial Commission for Discipline inspection. November 2012 Deputy Secretary of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission, becoming the youngest Deputy Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline inspection. In September last year, Chen Wenqing to the identity of the party secretary of Public Security Department unveiled. Sichuan national security work is sure to be more than 20 years ago, Chen Wenqing and the national security fate. According to media reports, in 1994, the State Security Department of Sichuan province was established, Chen Wenqing was promoted to deputy director of the provincial department in charge of national security, intelligence, foreign liaison and administrative equipment etc.. 4 years later, in January 1998, Chen Wenqing, aged 38, served as director of the National Security Department of Sichuan Province, in the same year in September served as Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government. Due to the nature of the work about Chen Wenqing during this period has been reported rarely, pointed out: "he put forward" grasping "strategy, and personally to the municipalities in making investigations, quickly coordinating with other departments, adjust and enrich the business backbone to the first line. Sichuan’s security work quickly in the forefront of the country, the provincial Party committee and the national security department fully affirmed." Emphasis on the importance of prevention of corruption Chen Wenqing’s anti-corruption concept can be reflected in 2008, he accepted the procuratorial daily interview. In the interview, he focused on.相关的主题文章: