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The net transfer of money the bank robbed woman bleeds police: no robbery – Sohu news ATM machine, a woman lying in a pool of blood. It is not like that…… Bank ATM machine, a woman covered in blood lying in a pool of blood. Such a video circulated in the circle of friends in Zhuji, a guess four. No matter who, look at this picture, will think that there has been a robbery. However, after the police investigation, the truth of this incident is dumbfounding. This video is in the evening of October 18th began to spread in the circle of friends. In the video, the woman fell to the bank ATM machine with a large share of remain unconscious, the glare of the blood from her body, the doctor is around the emergency rescue, there are people dressed in police uniforms in the side of investigation. So, in the end there is no robbery? After investigation, Zhuji City Public Security Bureau, through its official, "Zhuji police" authority rumor: the event is the women’s drunk withdrawals in the ATM machine, and her husband quarrel occurred in the phone, Jiujin kicking bank glass door, the open leg injury, but not the rumors were robbed "". Yesterday, Zhuji industrial town police station to the evening news reporter after the event. On October 18th at 8:15 in the evening, enthusiastic public alarm, located in three Xiangyang supermarket next to a bank of the glass door was destroyed, which also lay a bleeding woman. After receiving the alarm, police on duty and 120 emergency personnel rushed to the scene, and immediately the woman rushed to hospital. The bank’s surveillance video shows that 7:58 in the evening, a woman wearing a black silk skirt carrying a red bag into the bank. She first entered the left side of the wall by a ATM machine. In less than 1 minutes, she came out and entered the next door to the third ATM machine. To around 8 points, the woman shouted at the ATM machine room shouting frantically kicking equipment in the engine room. At this point, the staff of the bank monitoring room through the microphone, warning her not to kick the room equipment and glass. 8 in the evening, after the woman took the money to leave the ATM room, and out of the door of the bank. But soon returned, and shut the door, sitting near the door began to rummage in the bag. In the next 8 minutes, the woman is abnormal, while loudly shouting, and tearing up their belongings. Until 8:11, she suddenly stood up from the ground, kick to the bank’s glass doors, the door is still intact, but the woman went up to two meters away, and accelerated over the past left mengchuai glass door, the glass door, the woman crashed and broken, due to the instability of gravity, plus broken the glass is sharp, her left leg was cut glass, resulting in a large number of gush of blood. The police preliminary understanding, the woman surnamed Huang, 39 years old this year, from Anhui County of Lixin, has recently been in Zhuji odd jobs. Before the incident, the woman and her friends drank some wine, because they did not bring enough cash, they went to the nearby ATM machine to withdraw money. In the process of taking money through friends repeatedly urged, so she was very impatient, coupled with the subsequent call from her husband, two people call.相关的主题文章: