The NDRC released Mongolia and Russia economic corridor plan to promote economic integration

The NDRC released Mongolia and Russia economic corridor plan promoting economic integration in Mongolia and Russia economic corridor plan for People’s Republic of China, Mongolia and Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as the three party) to develop the traditional friendship and mutually beneficial economic and trade relations as one of the strategic direction of the three foreign policy, according to the three party, the two in July 9th 15 in Ufa signed on the construction of Mongolia and Russia the economic corridor plan memorandum of understanding to docking Silk Road Economic Belt, Eurasian Economic Union and prairie road initiative as the goal, to equality, mutual benefit and win-win principle, for the construction of Mongolia and Russia economic corridor (hereinafter referred to as the "economic corridor") plan is as follows. First, the purpose of building the economic corridor aims to increase in the three volume of trade, enhance the competitiveness of products, strengthen the cooperation project of transit transport facilitation, infrastructure development and other fields, to further strengthen People’s Republic of China, Mongolia and Russian Federation three cooperation. Economic corridor to build and expand mutually beneficial and win-win economic development space, to play the potential and advantages of the three parties to promote common prosperity and enhance the joint competitiveness in the international market as a vision. The three party believes that promoting economic corridor will promote regional economic integration, promote the development of each strategic docking, and lay a solid foundation for the interoperability of infrastructure, trade and investment, the steady development of economic policy cooperation and cultural exchanges. The three party should actively use the international economic cooperation platform to create conditions for the effective implementation of cooperation projects. Two, the field of cooperation planning focus on the following areas of cooperation: (a) to promote the development of transport infrastructure and interoperability. The joint planning and development of the three party highway, railway, aviation, ports, ports and other infrastructure resources, strengthen the international transport corridors, border infrastructure and cross-border transportation organization cooperation, the formation of long-term mechanism of communication, to promote interoperability, promote the development of China between Asia and Europe, and Russia’s Ross transit. — the construction and development of international road transport corridor, the implementation of infrastructure construction project, the flow of passengers and cargo transportation security and accessibility; improve the three railway and highway transportation potential, including promoting the existing railway modernization and new railway highway project; in cross-border transportation field negotiation rules, to provide good technical and tariffs the conditions, the promotion of international multimodal transport, customs clearance, change the overall cohesion, promote the exchange of information for international transport, rail freight data including preliminary information, pre – exchange conditions; the development of the three party Air Navigation Services Interoperability, improve the safety level, enhance economic efficiency and good space utilization; – Mongolia and Russia in the development of international container transportation in regular class the construction of a number of columns, transportation and logistics hub. (two) strengthen port construction and customs, inspection and quarantine supervision to strengthen the port three party software and hardware construction, promote infrastructure renovation and transformation, improve the level of public health prevention and control of the port, to strengthen information exchange and law enforcement cooperation. We will innovate and improve the customs, inspection and quarantine business and the mechanism and mode of supervision and control of goods, and jointly promote the capacity of the port to pass the goods相关的主题文章: