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"The murderer is" Ji’nan road evolution of Lan Xiang Cao Baoping exhibition dig – Sohu entertainment director Cao Baoping, acting Liu Ye, Yan North class     excavator experience;; field director Cao Baoping "show" excavator skill   Director Cao Baoping, Liu Ye, Yan Bei and Lan Xiang classmates photo [Click to enter the HD Photo] entertainment news by "the Sohu burning heart" directed by Cao Baoping, Liu Ye, Zhang Yi, Duan Bowen, Wang Ziwen, Wang Yanhui, Tan Zhuo, Yan Bei, Sun Lei starred in the movie "the murderer" also before the start of "crime fan children" national tour activities. In September 6th, Cao Baoping Liu Ye, with the creative director Yan North to Ji’nan, and Lan Xiang technical school students close exchanges, reflect the warm after viewing students, have said that the film is very down to earth, nice and funny. Actor Liu Ye live performances in Shandong dialect version of "Xing also", Cao Baoping shared crime genre film creation inspiration. Three creative also received the admission notice and have a unique style, "entrance" in-depth study and repair excavator operation. The next week, their creative will continue with the film and the audience all over the country, the film will be released nationwide in September 14th autumn files. Liu Yeyi was admitted to show the true nature of excitement play funny movie "murderer" is also director Cao Baoping following the "new masterpiece sun burning heart" after the film tells the story of a brutal murder happened quietly in the remote western village, hanbow mechanic second song (Liu Yeshi) as the first suspect by the police push. This would allow three people meet: hanbow mechanic song young Wang Youquan, Dick, and nightclub foreman Dong Xiaofeng fate involved with each other in the wild west staged a full full color fled?. The film continues to be the type of crime that Cao Baoping is keen on, and at the same time widens the core of the criminal type, and the director’s new approach to the black humor style brings a more relaxed and enjoyable viewing experience. This is the director’s last year with a "sun burning heart" held three winner, again with this film actor Liu Ye won the "Jin Jue Award". JiNan Railway Station is the second field show the face of the ordinary audience, the audience were given praise after viewing the film. The conference site, when asked Liu Ye "Dick is what playing song", the host quipped "enough soil", Liu Ye wit defuse said: "the director brought out four winner, understanding of the United States is in place, you are more spiritual." In the Movie OST reduction MV classic Liu Ye and Zhang Yi dialogue, actor Liu Ye and Yan North interpretation of Shandong dialect version: "clothes? What? I asked you clothes I don’t, you take a Ding (bottom)". Liu Ye is a standard Shandong dialect joke, cause female fans screaming, Yan North of Shandong. It is rhythmical. Liu Ye also broke the family life, a promise is often taught Liu Ye Shandong sing, verbal expression let a person’s brain up unable to restrain the emotions a cute and funny look. Three creative also received a "murderer" is also the exclusive admission notice, the director is "professional excavator" admitted, Liu Ye was "aftermarket professional admission," Yan "north computer repair professional admission, three professional is the moral, the director is acting excavator.相关的主题文章: