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Home-Schooling Delhi is the capital of India. It is the major hub for schools as well as higher studies. People are .ing here from various places in India and aboard too. There are varieties of schools in Delhi such as co-educational schools, separate girls or boys schools, day school, day boarding schools, etc. Every school has its own specialty, it depends upon parents needs and status of the students in which school they are finding more .forts for their better schoolings. Delhi is one of the posh and progressing cities in India. Due to good approach to modern education which is implemented in co-educational schools in Delhi, people have broadened their horizons for each aspect of their life. There are a lot of benefits to join co-educational schools which are mentioned below:- Co-educational school are concerning with the equal ratio of girls and boys strength in there school for all classes. It is a government rules also that each one teach one. That means the education can be seized by each child with out any discrimination of gender, social, or financial issues till from the primary levels. In our day to day life we are living together both male and females from our child hood till last. Then why we should ignore co education system in India. We should believe our children and let them allowed for the study together with in the co-educational environments. Being the parents, it is our duty to teach the right moral, social and cultural values to our kids so that they will remind theses facts in their daily life interaction and activities. The modern co-educational school pattern involves each task and assignments in their school which provides equal opportunities to each girl and boy in the school to share and follow together. Thus the co-education system has only benefits no harm at all. Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka state in India. It is a well known hub for the IT technology studies ands jobs sector in India. Mostly co-educational schools in Bangalore are affiliated to CBSE and .e in the convent school category. Mainly the cultural and co-curricular programs in co-ed schools are providing the equal opportunities to both male and female students. The co-curricular activities are consists of drawing, painting, debate, quiz and musical events where students of all ages can showcase their talents. It also encourages various .puter skills. In Sports Day which is celebrating once in a year involves each student according to their talents in various functions. In this way co-education encourages each student to show their best performance with harmony and patience along with fellow students without gender bias. Events such as football, basketball and cricket are played together by both girls and boys that are primarily played by boys only. Kolkata is one of the cities among four metros in India. It is the most developed city in the matter of good education system in India. In todays world we have seen many good positions holders in reputed jobs has been acquired by Kolkata people. All such great developments in the study pattern are possible only because of co-educational schools in Kolkata. About the Author: – – – – – – – – "A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." Henry Adams – – 相关的主题文章: