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"The Mekong River action" Zhang Hanyu won the box office King – Sohu into counterattack stills Zhang Hanyu   entertainment; entertainment Sohu   in 2016 eleven holiday, many domestic films competing for the national day of the schedule and take aim. Zhang Hanyu, starring in the Mekong River action in the box office after the word of mouth rose all the way to become a national day of the domestic film market, a well deserved dark horse. Boehner president in East Zhang Hanyu is more like anger at the box office king "counter attack". Just seven days the national archives, the movie box office has undergone the change first turn the world upside down, "passing from your world" at the box office all the way, "the Mekong" contrast "action passing from your world" from the beginning of the bustling, but walking is gradually rising line sound. Only in the National Day third days, the box office exceeded the "grand track" became the runner up, the national day seven days, "the Mekong River action" with 528 million at the box office to become the first national day film. "The Mekong" action film starring Zhang Hanyu in the film’s remarkable performance. With the success of "assembly", "tiger" upgrade to create. Zhang Hanyu’s "national hero" image has been popular, many viewers said that if Zhang Hanyu did not play the role of high rigidity, they figure out who would be more appropriate. Years of acting experience accumulated and constantly improve the ability of self, Zhang Hanyu gradually become a worthy of the name "bones show" the mainland movie circle, a lot of cooperation with other actors on the show to him seriously and the pursuit of the ultimate impression. "Action" in the Mekong River to Zhang Hanyu’s characters of high rigidity is outside the encirclement drug action team captain, in a shootout, very complicated blasting in the movie, not only acting, action is more than vague. On the one hand, Zhang Hanyu is not lost any professional, with their years of experience and dedication, in the film shows the best, also with the film "Xiao" in the establishment of a profound feelings, self than the "Dog King", let the audience in the "strong counterattack" the tough face felt a soft but strong heart. Review of 07 years of "assembly" shopping "the Warlords" 14 years, "tiger" bloody "one step", "15 year old gun" after the release of the film in the doldrums, Boehner president Dong also said: "Zhang Hanyu is fully deserve domestic main melody movie box office King counter attack".   相关的主题文章: