The man killed his ex-wife because of his uncontrollable quarrel and cried many times at the

Man convicted of killing his ex-wife out of the courtroom repeatedly quarrel bitterly the original title: trivia spat man runaway killed his ex-wife 37 year old man (see photo) could penne turn from his home to Beijing, specially selected and work in the same building. In a hotel, claiming to think ex-wife was derailed, emotion will strangle her and hide the body under the mattress, after the surrender. The day before yesterday morning, penne bear was charged with manslaughter in the second city court trial, crying with hand face remorse. Because of a trivial quarrel killed his ex-wife penne can primary school culture, before the incident is a Fasthotel in the city’s security. It is alleged that in March 21st this year, 23 am, penne forbearance in the Beijing West Railway Station North Square in a hotel room, because of a trivial and 37 year old ex-wife pangmou altercation, after the hand grip each other’s neck, causing his death. The next day, penne I surrendered to the police. Penne could confessed that he and Pang was introduced in 2001 to get married, fathered a child and a woman. After two people have been feeling is not very good, the other perennial working outside, only to return home for the new year. In August 2014, pangmou to pick cotton in Xinjiang, go home after three months and a fellow Henan had an affair. "I was very angry, she played two times, but not heavy." Since then, pangmou runaway. I heard the other penne work in a hotel in Beijing, Beijing will find her. Within a month or conflict, two people and then divorced. Afterwards, the thought of two young children, but also regret penne. In February this year, he took his two children to Beijing to find pangmou, but the other did not answer. In order to persuade his ex-wife, and other units can penne in a hotel in the same building to find a job, usually their living in the dormitory. "We do not contact more, in addition to turn formalities, and other couples had no two." The courtroom crying several times penne Ren said that the day of the incident, two people walk around the park, in a hotel to open the room and have sex. 11 evening, pangmou to sleeping in the dorm, not back by colleagues joke. Penne couldn’t agree, forcibly pulled her onto the bed, to hug her to watch tv. "She didn’t want me around, I asked why, she said to who let who, we quarrel. She also asked me why divorce." "You don’t know what to do?" I think the so-called penne derailed suddenly feeling out of control. He rode in the pangmou body, both hands tightly grabbed each other’s neck for six or seven minutes. Pangmou fierce struggle, penne’s face was scratched but. Two packs of cigarettes, penne could hide the body to the hotel room under the mattress. The next day at half past two in the morning, he left the room, after wandering aimlessly in the street. At this point, penne could surrender. When the bailiff show photographs of the scene, he cried constantly with penne, hand pump face, after the bailiffs stop, the judge reminded the emotional control. Then, he has been buried his head and cry several times. Prosecutors for surrender may be given a lighter prosecutor said the defendant means bad and no rescue after charnel, which belongs to the direct intentional homicide. No matter whether the victim derailed facts, but two people divorced. The victims have no language stimulation, is accused of psychological vulnerability. The victim does not constitute a criminal law sense fault. However, the defendant is a surrender, be given a lighter)

男子因口角失控杀死前妻 庭审现场多次失声痛哭原标题:琐事生口角 男子失控杀前妻37岁的男子彭内忍(见图)为复婚从老家追到北京,特地选择和前妻在同一栋楼内打工。在一次住宿酒店时,自称想到前妻曾出轨,情绪失控将她掐死并藏尸床垫下,后投案自首。前天上午,彭内忍被控故意杀人罪在市二中院受审时,哭着用手抽脸,悔恨不已。因琐事口角杀前妻彭内忍小学文化,事发前是本市一家快捷酒店的保安。据指控,今年3月21日23时许,彭内忍在北京西站北广场某酒店房间内,因琐事与37岁的前妻庞某发生口角,后用手扼压对方的颈部,致其死亡。次日,彭内忍向警方投案。彭内忍供述说,他和庞某经人介绍2001年结婚,育有一儿一女。婚后两人感情一直不太好,对方常年在外面打工,过年才回家。2014年8月,庞某去新疆摘棉花,三个月回家后称和一个河南老乡有了婚外情。“我很生气,打过她两次,但下手都不重。”此后,庞某离家出走。彭内忍打听到对方在北京一家酒店打工,便来京找到她。相处一个月还是争吵不断,两人随后办理了离婚手续。事后,想到两个年幼的孩子,彭内忍又后悔了。今年2月,他带着两个孩子到北京找庞某,但对方没有答应。为了劝说前妻,彭内忍在和对方单位同一栋楼的一家酒店找了份工作,平时各自住在员工宿舍。“我们接触比较多,除了没办复婚手续,和其他夫妻也没两样。”庭审现场多次痛哭彭内忍说,事发当天,两人逛完公园后,在一家酒店开了房间并发生了性关系。晚上11点,庞某要回宿舍睡觉,称不回去会遭同事笑话。彭内忍不同意,强行将她拽到床上,想搂着她看电视。“她不想让我搂着,我问为啥,她说乐意让谁就让谁,我们就吵起来。她还问起我为什么提离婚。”“你不清楚做了什么?”彭内忍想到所谓出轨突然情绪失控。他骑在庞某身上,双手死死掐住对方的脖子长达六七分钟。庞某激烈挣扎,彭内忍的脸都被抓伤了。抽了两包烟后,彭内忍把尸体藏到酒店房间的床垫下。次日凌晨两点半,他退了房,后漫无目的地在大街上转悠。下午一点多,彭内忍投案自首。当法警出示现场照片时,彭内忍失声痛哭,不断用手抽脸,后被法警制止,法官也提醒控制情绪。随后,他一直深埋着头,多次哭泣。公诉人称因自首可从轻公诉人表示,被告人手段恶劣且没有施救后又藏尸,属于直接故意杀人。不管被害人出轨是否为事实,但两人已离婚。被害人没有语言刺激,是被告人心理脆弱。被害人不构成刑法意义上的过错。不过,被告人属自首,可从轻处罚。庭审最后,彭内忍流泪忏悔,希望法官念在孩子和年迈的双亲能从轻发落。在被带出法庭时,庞某的弟媳大声控诉,“我妈眼睛都哭瞎了!你杀了人,还往她身上泼脏水!”前天,庞某的家属没有向被告人提起民事赔偿。对于出轨之说,家属认为彭内忍造谣,自己疑神疑鬼。庞某的弟弟说,姐姐多年外出打工养家,彭内忍“经常实施家暴,有次把姐姐的头按在水盆里,差点把她淹死。彭父还因为琐事一拳把她肋骨打断。我几次想报仇,姐姐念在孩子分上都把我拦住了。”他说,姐姐的大女儿上初三,原来成绩很好,现在辍学打工,人也联系不上,小儿子整天在家哭。彭内忍的两个哥哥告诉记者,弟弟为人老实内向,发生此事全家都很意外,父亲突发心肌梗塞差点去世。至于两人矛盾原因,他们不清楚,但否认其父殴打过庞某。大哥还称,庞某打工的钱几乎很少寄回家里,两个孩子靠弟弟种地养活。北京晨报记者 颜斐 文首席摄影记者 吴宁 摄(北京晨报)相关的主题文章: