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The man ate 4 crabs   sudden severe pancreatitis — Health Channel – original title: men ate 4 crabs sudden severe pancreatitis National Day holiday, 40 year old Mr. Cai from overeating sudden severe acute pancreatitis, check the original is half a cup of sand like gall stone to blame. Mr. Cai lived in Hankou after the lake, usually not the law of life, not a long-term early two years ago after meal induced acute pancreatitis. The National Day holiday, Mr. Cai could not resist the temptation to go out every delicacy, large meat eating and drinking, all inside her income. The day before yesterday at noon, Mr. Cai ask a few friends to eat crabs, he who ate 4, also drink a lot of wine. After eating soon, Mr. Cai was left for abdominal pain, immediately aware of pancreatitis and the attack, was sent to a friend of the central hospital after the lake school district. After examination, Mr. Cai is indeed severe acute pancreatitis. Liao Yusheng, deputy director of the Department of Gastroenterology, highly suspected of obstruction of the bile duct, confirmed by magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography. Subsequently, Mr. Liao Yusheng for the implementation of emergency endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography to take stones, they took out half a cup of sand like stones. The Department Director Wu Jie said that many people think it does not matter as long as the gallstones do not attack, but small stones will get into trouble; when biliary stones appear, easy to cause the pancreatic juice back, leading to acute pancreatitis, pancreatitis and many complications, high mortality rate, known as the "Department of Gastroenterology of myocardial infarction". (reporter Wu Wei) (Wang Yawei, right: the commissioning editor Juan)相关的主题文章: