The main city of Chongqing next year to build a new arch to the north central interchange no traffic

The main city of Chongqing next year to build a new arch overpass to the north central Chongqing evening news in the future is no longer a traffic jam, car starting from Yubei District Xinpaifang, the New South to north, do not have to wait for the traffic light and vexation, walking across the bridge can quickly reach. Yesterday, the Chongqing evening news reporter learned from the municipal development and Reform Commission official website, the New Interchange Project feasibility study report has been approved, the construction unit to complete the bidding work plan by the end of the two quarter of next year to start construction. The new overpass is located in two rivers area is the core area of the avenue of stars (north-south) main road and new road (east-west) trunk road intersection node. The new overpass north to the center of wealth, and the interchange, Lijia, South Song Pai Road Interchange, West Yu Song Road Interchange, East Xinpaifang overpass, North Central interchange is an important node of import of the shunt and huaxin. In the New South Road will set up a viaduct in nearby is still a source of impression across the District, Longhu Road, West Lake Avenue, Qingfeng Road, 4 South Road intersection, stop at the nearby Pearl Garden district. Viaduct width of 17.5 meters, two-way 4 lane, length of 1063 meters. In addition to the overhead viaduct, the future will be implemented at the avenue of the north and the south through the road program, and the existing New South Road overpass and the upper reaches of the formation of 3 diamond interchange. The new overpass across the project for the city main road, design speed of 50 kilometers per hour, the standard road width of 50 meters, two-way 4 lane. The avenue of stars wear under the engineering standard road width of 52 meters, two-way 4 lane. Chongqing evening news reporter Jiang Haitao相关的主题文章: