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The machine substitutions of workers: some people have no hope to upgrade the Sohu news on 2012, Zhang Jiawei was born in 1992 to a toy factory in Guangdong city of Dongguan province Dongcheng District electrician. Into the factory for second years, the factory has introduced dozens of machines, each can be completed up to the original work of 10 people. Zhang Jiawei did not put too much emphasis on the change. The first time he saw the word "machine substitutions in the Internet, just think this is related with the machines in the factory, and began to pay attention to this aspect of the report. In another year, a local training school to the factory and distribute leaflets, "robot engineer training" and "occupation opportunity for the development of new words attracted Zhang Jiawei, he will be the first machine in the factory and better future Lenovo together. He enrolled as the first student at the school robotics class. Tuition 5800 yuan, he was afraid not to learn, and the school to discuss the payment of $2500, would like to try the first half of the class. "Robot programming is like the brain of the entire workshop, and learning it can change the destiny." Zhang Jiawei is full of hope. However, he was hit in the first class". In the past two years, only a single – day Zhang Jiawei has gone to school for 5 hours on a single day off. Students from the beginning of two to seven, and finally went down to two or three, only he has always insisted on not absent. Two years of the end of the course, he learned some basic knowledge of programming, but no pictures of the factory needs to map ", to change the fate of hope seems gone. The leisure Plaza Houjie workers. The figures are from the surging news reporter Jiang Chenyue "who will never hate machine" in 2014 Zhang Jiawei began to learn programming, machine substitutions appear more frequently in his mobile phone several Dongguan local public information WeChat no.. That year, Dongguan city in the Pearl River Delta first proposed to start the machine substitution plan. Chinese manufacturing labor costs continued to rise in recent years, a report from the global economic research and consulting organization government enterprises Oxford Institute of economic research report pointed out that in 2016 China unit labor costs only 4% lower than the u.s.. The impact of the international financial crisis and the European debt crisis on exports, the appreciation of the RMB appreciation of the profit space, making the market competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing enterprises have been eroded. In November 20, 2015, governor of Guangdong province Zhu Xiaodan said at a press conference at the international consultation on the economic development of Guangdong, Guangdong manufacturing industry developed countries face regression manufacturing, southeast low cost competition "squeeze" in two aspects, the demographic dividend is gradually weakened. Dongguan has 3 consecutive years of arrangements for the annual budget of 200 million yuan funded enterprises "machine substitution". In January 26, 2016, the Dongguan Municipal Government No. 1 again focusing on "machine substitutions, announced the full implementation of the" robot made "plan. However, the "made in China" has been relatively low wage and low welfare policy for a long time, and the mode of low labor remuneration to ensure high investment rate, which makes many enterprises to hold on to cheap labor. Founded in 2007, Guangdong Rio star technology is an automation system integrator)相关的主题文章: