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"The inheritors" regression "buzz" won praise Chen Daoming Populus soul – Sohu   entertainment; "soul" won praise Chen Daoming P. Sohu entertainment news on Sunday, Beijing satellite TV, "the image" Chinese heritage heavy return to the ancient and brilliant scene is full of confrontation speculation appears again in front of the audience. It is rare to reproduce the classic legend of diabolo, or the "orphan", these wonderful traditional art skills have attracted the audience bursts of applause. Premiere night, the main topic of China image # # inheritance only two consecutive hours, landing topic list, list the variety crazy variety season first; 4 hours of continuous landing micro-blog home page on the right topic list, and have many friends and well-known experts and scholars to voice support. The first phase of the program broadcast in less than half an hour, the program administrative micro-blog comment area has "frequent," two traditional culture engraft into innovative culture "and" good programs worth us last forever "" China image, the world heritage "Swiss comments not only triggered the interaction boom of the audience, and has won many users praise forwarding. In the image of "Chinese" heritage on the stage, in addition to the traditional arts show stunning, reproduction of old memories also attracted the audience to think about culture and heritage. In this program, the "orphan" in drama about a story, convey Chinese for "promise" value. While carrying the Xinjiang Construction Corps history of the "soul" in the cause of Populus euphratica, people exclaim, let us see the stick of generations. The audience said, "through the traditional art heritage of Chinese" in making their image, for "China image", but also had more understanding, loyalty, and commitment to, these are the true image of China. Let a group of young people to tell these ancient stories, is the true meaning of cultural heritage. "Transfer" national soul "Populus stick" Chen Daoming said "the Army spirit never dies" in the second season of "heritage Chinese image" theme "Chinese image", which also attracted more Chinese about history, inheriting the traditional culture in the stage China project. Pretty actress combination brings "Diabolo", not only have the traditional diabolo skill, also added a variety of fancy diabolo. For example, "Circular" edge edge edge edge diabolo, skipping diabolo, let the audience see dazzling. Chen Daoming recalled his story and the "Diabolo" for the first time as a second culture observer Zhu Dan fans sister, how do you know what call! Xinjiang Dance Troupe brings "soul" with the music of Populus euphratica, switch and scene, nearly 20 members in the table show the somersault roll up, the children take root and grow up in the environment of the story of difficulties and hardships. Such a firm and indomitable spirit, but also to the scene of the observer and the audience fell moved in. Chen Daoming asked the dance regiment "army offspring" are the feeling, and through this program have seen too much, watch the show when Lenovo, too many things, produced another move, the Xinjiang Construction Corps for thousands of years, thousands of years." Zhu Dan also said that because of the program, to understand another stick. After the broadcast, "army.相关的主题文章: