The incidence of myopia in young people the world’s first prevention and treatment of myopia

The incidence of juvenile myopia is the world’s first   prevention and treatment of myopia you need to know this knowledge – Anhui Channel – people in the world, more than 280 million people in the world of eye and vision problems, every 5 seconds, one blind. In China, there is an increasing number of people with vision problems, especially myopia. Our data show that the incidence of juvenile myopia has been ranked first in the world, and the trend of younger age. The value of "2016 world vision day" on the occasion, the family doctor online to share more knowledge about myopia, I hope the public can establish a sense of eye health care, care for their families and their eye health and defend vision. Status: half of the Chinese people suffering from myopia, high myopia rate WHO latest research report, the number of patients with myopia in China up to 600 million, almost half of the total population. According to conservative estimates, in the existing vision health policy environment, is expected by 2020, China’s myopia population will be close to 7.04 to 711 million. Myopia prevalence in the population, students are hardest hit". Authoritative department survey statistics show that pupils myopia rate of more than 30%, junior high school students myopia rate of more than 50%, about 70% of high school students, college students with myopia up to 80%. This means that the average student myopia rate of more than 50%. In recent years, the myopia rate is rising and the trend of younger age. What causes it? Ophthalmological Center of Zhongshan University, Yan Jia optometrists pointed out that myopia is mainly affected by the subjective factors, objective factors such as personal eye and genetic. As students learning pressure leads to the excessive use of eyes, plus a small outdoor activities and all kinds of objective factors such as the popularity of electronic products is not only not improved, but more serious; on the other hand, if both parents are myopia, children have myopia than the proportion of a family of high. With the accumulation of gene genetics, the detection rate of poor eyesight of students is increasing year by year. Myopia is not terrible? Wary of high myopia into blindness "killer" myopia and blindness in the end what is the relationship? What is the risk of blindness in people with myopia? According to the family doctor online editor to understand, if there is not a reasonable control of myopia, high myopia become more than 600 degrees, it is easy to bring such as cataract, glaucoma, vitreous body disease, macular degeneration, retinal detachment, posterior staphyloma, amblyopia, strabismus and other complications, such as not timely and reasonable treatment, will eventually cause blindness. According to an authoritative survey data China published by the Ministry of health show that China has about 15% patients with myopia in retinal hole, retinal hemorrhage, retinal detachment and other complications, including 20% patients with high myopia so blinding disease! How to prevent myopia? Expert: young people need to increase outdoor activities since high myopia is so terrible, so how to deal with? Ophthalmological Center of Zhongshan University optometrists Huang Yuanzhou optometrists said as soon as possible to control myopia, strive for the early prevention and early treatment, but there are obvious differences between the methods of prevention and treatment of adolescents and adults: for young people, there are two main methods of control: first,)相关的主题文章: