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The high return now scam: if funding strand breaks into those who lose all their original title: shopping can easily earn money? Now "high return now" new scam news: in the WeChat shopping can not only get points, but also converted into more high than the consumption amount of cash, not only can buy things, but also to make money, such a good thing, really? Recently, some consumers have encountered such a seemingly good thing, but in reality is a scam event. "Enjoy the purchase of WeChat e" is a public number Guangdong Shenzhen nutshell network science and technology limited company operations, since May 3, 2016 officially launched, it attracted a large number of consumers in the shopping website, a market price of less than Soybean Milk machine price 200 yuan 1280 yuan, the market is not more than 30 yuan. The price of 458 yuan. There are red wine, pan and so on many commodities, are higher than the market price, but many consumers still have to panic buying crazy. Interview video screenshot interview video screenshot shoupianren Zhao: bought an umbrella ah, biscuits, and wine, raisins, and pot, pot, frying pan, belt what meal…… A lot。 After you order today, WeChat payment or the payment in the past 48 hours or sometimes seventy hours, even with interest back to us. That is to say, although consumers spend these goods to buy than the market price of a lot of money, but businesses will take consumers to spend money back now, not only that, consumers can also get some points, and these points can be turned into money. Using an umbrella for example, although Zhao spent 458 yuan to buy an umbrella, she also won 480 points, and these points can "enjoy the purchase of e 1:1 exchange" on the "fun money", and enjoy the money and cash 1:1. Such a calculation, Ms. Zhao not only got an umbrella, but also get more money than the money spent, such a good thing, which can miss it, so it is an umbrella, Zhao suddenly bought 18. Deceived Ms. Zhao: then you can also feel like this, lying at home a day can earn hundreds of pieces, that you want to buy as much, then earn much. The more you buy, the more you earn. So WeChat public number music enjoy e purchase just over a month on the line, it attracted a lot of consumers. But the sky will not fall pie, not long after, there are consumers found that the return of cash and cash collection cash withdrawal application has been in a state of delayed approval, the reason is because of changes in the company’s equity, capital freeze. Not only can not mention, some people did not even receive orders for goods. Deceived Zhao: I bought a total of 30 bags of biscuits, received a total of 10 bags have not received a bag of 20, the umbrella received the goods I do not want to, are very bad, put it there, are not easy to use. Not to mention the current cash increase in consumer complaints the Consumer Council of Shenzhen originally thought encountered a white thing can make extra money opportunity, did not expect cash not to mention now, to get the goods or inferior products, some even paid the price of goods, also did not see. Very consumer this Kay相关的主题文章: