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The Golden Eagle Festival on the new Long March TV personality Han Lei Tan Weiwei led by Sohu   Sohu Han Lei entertainment; entertainment news golden eagle fly, horizon brilliant; the twenty-eighth China TV Golden Eagle Award and the eleventh session of the China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival opening ceremony gala will be held the evening of October 14th at 20:10 in Hunan Changsha grand opening; then who will become the new Golden Eagle the goddess? Who won the golden eagle as the emperor as the post? Suspense will be announced to the audience. The Golden Eagle Festival Opening Gala by Hunan TV team Zhang Dandan and licensing team combining together to create a joint, the program group team also prepared more creative and cross-border integration program, will give the audience and fans brought more joy and surprise welfare. The reporter learned from the director of the opening ceremony group, gala will focus on a key theme on the new Long March "TV", highlighting the various times, Chinese TV people struggle style, the creation of the mainstream culture of the times value of fruits; there is a set of high technology VR, visual music show, large group acting as one of the major tone painting program, especially exciting, and this link, TV drama theme song "specialist" and "King" Adorable uncle Han Lei and popular singer Tan Weiwei will lead the singing. In the sense of literary and artistic works visual show shock opening ceremony director, the opening ceremony of this year is divided into four parts, preface and three chapters, in order, are the first chapter not forget the early heart, the second chapter third chapter reflects the reality and innovation; the opening ceremony of the party director Zhang Dandan introduced this year. To commemorate the 80 anniversary of the Long March, the opening ceremony of the Golden Eagle Festival Gala, will focus on the theme of "contrast of the new Long March Chinese TV show TV", people work hard, especially for some special historical turning point, major events in history the subject works on TV, people worked for them, those TV artists created a inspiring television literary works, soulful inspiring. The Golden Eagle Festival opening ceremony director of the group, in consideration of the program can do and visual presentation under the foot work, bold use of wonderful creative design stage, the works of different times and symbols, vivid in the opening ceremony of the stage scene for viewers exciting show, to believe that a sense of shock can be caused by different age some audience sympathy. Han Lei Tan Weiwei led the first chapter across time interpretation of large audio poem "ten red", such as sending "Long March", "38 line", "at the moment", "ordinary world" was the theme of the times of different literary works, the program group will adopt sound photoelectric current synchronization technology leading, let a person look go back to that time across time and space in the context of the theme behind, there will be a group of popular strength singers, including Hunan TV in the second quarter of "I’m a singer singer" Uncle Han Lei is adorable, Chinese TV theme song "specialist", the concert had mainstream TV drama theme song TV episode, has more than five hundred pieces, which itself is a "China mainstream television literary works of the witness and witness, adorable uncle Han Lei will lead the offer To sing with them, including.相关的主题文章: