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The Global Times editorial: if the United States wants TPP dead Andouble do not live to save the original title: editorial: if Washington wants TPP dead, Andouble can’t save it to the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo 14, a special committee set up the Senate for the TPP said, in the handover period now in the United States, Japan must be led TPP into force as soon as possible. He said that during the APEC meeting in Peru, will be held in the TPP summit. Trump was elected the next president of the United States, the White House announced to give up pushing Congress to approve the efforts of TPP Obama in the remainder of the term will be whether to accept this agreement by the U.S. government and then to congress. Because Trump is alleged to have been in the "hundred days" plan that will exit TPP, the agreement is further prospects look bad, some media have used similar "aborted" description to talk about it. Most of the Asia Pacific countries that have signed up to TPP are pessimistic about the prospects for TPP, and Abe is currently the only leader to express his intention to save TPP’s resolve. TPP mainly driven by the Obama administration, the Andouble administration can only be regarded as a supporting role. Because TPP requires Japan to give up the protection of agriculture in Japan, there have been a lot of opposition, Abe is now stand out as this agreement is in jeopardy of banner, than Obama also excited, is somewhat unusual. TPP this is the agreement on economic and trade cooperation, but because it China excluded, Obama has repeatedly said the construction of TPP is prevented by China making trade rules for the Asia Pacific, makes it have very strong geopolitical competition. Andouble is so enthused about TPP, rather than the Japanese chidiankui also want to push it into force as soon as possible, the reason is to take a fancy to it or be able to play in the economic and trade "isolated Chinese" role. Andouble’s political reasons for the fanaticism of the TPP makes it difficult for Americans to understand. The problem is that TPP setbacks, because it violates the rules of international trade and economic cooperation, the designer from the geopolitical point of view too much. As a result, engage in trade into politics, "politics" distorting trade fair, disrupted the interest allocation rule, so that many Americans do not buy it, feel that their country made a great sacrifice of strange. Because Japan keen Asia Pacific geopolitical competition itself is exaggerated, out of tune from the perspective of the interests of the. The range of competition between China and the United States is not a traditional country of zero sum game, up front and form a faction as a starting point, to develop a national strategy, this is the wrong fist, the wrong medicine. TPP has suffered unprecedented resistance in the United States, including the election of President Trump, which shows that people are tired of "political correctness" in the first place. TPP is the Trump campaign against one of the marks of declaration of foreign policy. If he turned to Congress to approve the deal, it would be too much to be seen by some as unthinkable. Most analysts believe that the possibility of TPP wholly intact accepted is very small, it was shelved, abandoned or make major changes will be a high probability. The United States has so many military aircraft carriers, but also dominated the world, now 2相关的主题文章: