The global luxury market growth is the biggest contributor to art yuanmu

The global luxury market growth is the biggest contributor on art, jointly issued by the Italy market monitoring agency Altagamma Observatory and Bain & company’s luxury goods industry report regularly released a positive message: 2016 global luxury market revenue is expected there will be an increase of 4% to 1 trillion and 80 billion euros. The slow growth in luxury goods market, luxury brands have fought electricity supplier or in cooperation with the art of cross-border, change through the use of this mode of art consumer goods ". Luxury market into the new normal stage in 2015, China’s luxury market fell 2%, the market size fell to $113 billion. Bain partner ·, analysis, the luxury industry in 2010 to enjoy the Chinese consumption spree in 2014, is in the new normal stage of the. But she remains optimistic about China’s growing middle class. In 2016, 14 of the world’s luxury revenue is contributed by Chinese consumers, it is worth noting that the target of its purchase gradually turned to art, high-end dining and luxury cars. This year, 33% of global luxury revenue from the United States, but in the strong dollar and the impact of consumer instability, U.S. sales are expected to decline by 3%. In addition, the U.S. presidential election also has a certain impact on consumer confidence. American department stores are trying to stimulate consumption through price cuts. Luxury traditional consumer base – Europe this year, the situation is not optimistic. The report is expected in 2016 the European luxury goods consumption will decline 1%, about EUR 82 billion. Affected by the terrorist attacks, the slowdown in tourism in Germany and france. Global blue data show that in June this year, global tourist spending fell by 13%. Nice after the outbreak, as the main force of the China visitors left an area in the European digital art consumption reduced by 25%. As a result, luxury companies have begun to change the internal structure of the industry to deal with changes in the rectification. More and more fashion brands by the birth and development of online business, the acquisition of shares, investment institutions and more with capital power. Over the past 10 months, more than 20 CEO and creative director. Although in a period of instability, DArpizio expects 2020 personal luxury consumption will rise by 3% to 4% compared to 2017, in which China and the u.s.. Luxury brands seeking art cross with the luxury market weakness, luxury brands have fought electricity supplier or with the art of cross-border cooperation. The product as a work of art marketing, in the luxury industry is not uncommon. Such as the early Chanel mobile art exhibition is the luxury brand and the art of cross-border products. In 80s, when he was president of Cartire International Corporation, Alan · Dominic berain with its keen insight, foresight to modern art will become an important way to convey the aspirations of the contemporary society, which sponsored the development of modern art idea. Cartire news相关的主题文章: