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The gauntlet to Ibrahimovic! God: to challenge the violent fighting battle as the octagon taekwondo black belt Ibrahimovic, this time to challenge? Sina sports news Ibrahimovic is a famous football player, he is not only strong, but also taekwondo black belt. Coupled with his hot temper, which makes Ibrahimovic weiminghehe. But now, there is a defiant Ibrahimovic, he and Ibrahimovic in the afternoon to the octagon in a showdown. Ibrahimovic provocation of this, not ordinary people. He is UFC (Ultimate Fighting champion) Danny – Roberts. The day before he went to Manchester to participate in the competition, but on the way he heard a lot of people talking about Ibrahimovic, and also heard that it is a taekwondo black belt. Roberts said: "yes, if Ibrahimovic is willing to fight, I will fight with him. I’d like to see him in the octagon cage, if he dare." UFC players challenge Ibrahimovic naturally proud of the capital, to see his record: 13 wins and 1 losses, of which there are 5 direct KO opponents! He was strong, and he was very aggressive. Today, Roberts is quite looking forward to the duel with Ibrahimovic, he said: "if you come, it is a good thing for the tournament, because it will make the outside world more concerned about this event, which is a very valuable thing to do," Ibrahimovic said." Extended reading: martial arts expert football pass North Denanpei in such extreme one for Ibrahimovic, he is no stranger to UFC events, because he is a fan of UFC. Ibrahimovic had previously said: "I am a fan of UFC, if I am not what progress in football before, maybe I will go to UFC." It is quite funny, UFC official immediately reply Ibrahimovic: if Ibrahimovic and our players in the octagonal cage in a war, it is exciting to think about." Now Ibrahimovic is Roberts Yuezhan, I wonder whether he will fight? With two body data: Danny – VS Ibrahimovic height: 1 m / S; 1 m weight: 77 kg; age of 95 kg: age of 29; age of 35 (small): 95 ()相关的主题文章: