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The food and drug administration due to licensing issues and interviewed 5 hungry takeaway platform takeaway platform greatly enriched the work dining options, but also convenient for people to break short dining needs. But with the takeaway platform crazy expansion and expansion, more and more problems. The past six months because of food safety problems, irregularities and other issues are not a lot of takeaway platform practice is not strictly exposed phenomenon. Take out to face the difficulty is not small recently, the Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration interviewed again, the U.S. group, Baidu, Baidu Nuomi, home hungry delicacy 5 takeaway platform. The reason is because they interviewed the undocumented restaurant takeaway platform is a lot of exposure, despite the problems timely response and platform down part of the restaurant, but the food and drug administration department according to the monitoring, there are still a lot of restaurant takeaway platform license information is not publicized, and the address is not complete, it is difficult to identify fuzzy search. There are some shops publicity license information exists false content. In addition, the restaurant business scope has problems, part of the network ordering platform retail shops only pre packaged food quality, but engaged in food processing behavior. There are business beyond the scope of the license, such as the business scope does not include dishes category, but can purchase orders in the shop. Because the project is more special provisions of cold dishes, require more rigorous work environment and health, so the facilities and personnel requirements are more stringent. In addition, because of the weather, the food category is more likely to deteriorate and be contaminated. Beijing food and drug administration requires the platform immediately offline without a restaurant and rectification. Each platform to control the food safety violations of the network approach, for the problems found, listed rectification timetable.相关的主题文章: