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The first VR fighting drama "lady-killer it" boot Donkin teach you a move enemy – Sohu entertainment on August 29th, the black ants (Beijing) new media culture Ltd., "lady-killer, VR net Chinese women’s first mixed martial arts drama starring" King "in Beijing officially opened the machine. The play is Guoneishoubu focusing on the female self-defense theme VR works, "Roses" said the famous woman mixed martial arts athlete Tang Jin, himself starred in and directed action, taught in different environments or emergency rescue self-defense self-help tricks of others, "teach you a trick enemy in the face of danger". The audience can also be innovative interactive design of 360 degrees VR through the play, to get a more realistic, three-dimensional viewing experience. Focus on women violated social topic society is the energy transfer in August 29th, directed by Feng Nanwen, the woman fighting VR network drama starring "lady-killer, King" stop it! The official start in Beijing, the play by the black ant (Beijing) new media culture Co. Ltd. under the combined force of working room with barley VR pagoda, Kunlun will fight the club, Tang Qi International Culture Media Co. Ltd. heavily built, Wang Gang, Zhou Yizhen as a producer, Wang Maoqiao served as chief planner, executive producer for a broadcast. "Lady-killer, stop it!" is Guoneishoubu VR network drama to the female self-defense as the theme, a total investment of twelve million yuan, the first quarter of 12 sets, each set will be 3 to 5 minutes of narrative form, to show women in different environments or other emergency rescue self-help self-defense device. 360 degree panoramic viewing mode VR, will also be more immersive and interactive immersion experience for the audience, allowing viewers to experience personally on the scene of the VR world. "VR is a huge gold mine. The contents of the field type is rich, black ants will focus on VR video content, reality and game production team with innovative ideas as the dominant ideology, focusing on young users market, and strive to distinctive content to give the user a different viewing experience." The person who made the week for the company’s future development direction. Talking about the creative mind, chief planner Wang Maoqiao said that this is mainly from a sense of social responsibility, "in today’s society, female cases of violation to the main reason is to meet the eye everywhere, many women lack of self awareness, when faced with an emergency, unable to correctly deal with. If they learn some basic female self-defense, the result is likely to reverse the." "To help the majority of women to improve their ability to protect themselves, to spread more positive energy, we are bound to. Even if there is a woman from the drama school to an action, to avoid criminals harm, that is the biggest compliment for us." The total producer Zhang also expressed his "to broadcast" lady-killer, vision and look forward to! ". Because VR plays in the production mode is different from the TV series close range vision, 360 degrees the camera will generate a huge database, the problem is most in need of joint, a plurality of seats of the picture frame are stitched together, time and labor costs than the average TV five or six times higher. "Roses" king himself professor of anti wolf operation.相关的主题文章: