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"The first grade" Ang Lee brought a master class advice small meat – Sohu   keep pure entertainment; Ang Lee and students chat Sohu entertainment news recently, international film director Ang Lee "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" maxed circle of friends, the long-awaited official release it. Hunan satellite TV, "the first grade? All the teachers and students" graduation season is very lucky to have invited to participate in the film in Shanghai premiere, and not only within the circle of big coffee line together with the red carpet, also received a Ang Lee advice and experience personally teach master classes, and has always been the teacher of Chen Jianbin is itself a second become a small fan, and students to question Ang Lee, director of the international master class for the highly anticipated show Saturday night. Deng Chao and Ting Mei walk the red carpet Julian Cheung couple with students "pilgrimage" some time ago, "the first grade" of all the teachers and students to participate in "happy camp" let netizen impressive, all bursting point generated between teachers and students in the program makes everyone for "the first grade" expectations, and Julian Cheung wrote to Mrs. Anita Yuen’s letters more is an instant burst of red on the network, and even called the textbook Level letter template. Recently, "all the teachers and students of the first grade" again Baotuan expedition, came to Ang Lee’s new film "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" premiere, won the best director Oscar in the light of the Chinese cheer for the. This was invited to attend the opening ceremony, not only star teachers said to Ang Lee’s Anita Yuen and Julian Cheung expected, the students more excitement shouted: "it is a pilgrim!" As the red carpet regulars Julian Cheung couple also thank you very much "the first grade" program, be able to get this opportunity to close and intimate contact with God in the eyes of the director, Ang Lee master class verse frequent Chen Jianbin second smaller fans can not only circle and big coffee line together with the red carpet, "the first grade graduation season?" the director of the group students for the Ang Lee director of a master class. I heard that Ang Lee will give the students in class, the students are excited not only is teacher Chen Jianbin, a second fan, with Cheng Yi and Zhao Zhiwei have been standing erect at the gate of Ang Lee. Was holding flowers Chen Jianbin far to see Ang Lee came, and shy of the flowers to the Chengyi let him send flowers, even Ang Lee to sit on the right or left her, Chen Jianbin studied for a long time, all fans brother attitude. Ang Lee was director of the international shelf, see Cheng Yi and Zhao Zhiwei two said very little meat for love, "" the first grade student Ang Lee said he was very envious, "I used to be an actor, director is a step back as an actor." In Ang Lee’s view, he valued in the selection of the new is the new "pure" and "play" the hearts of many couples is a film by Ang Lee and red, such as Tang Wei, Ang Lee said: "the best when Tang Wei is not playing, but her eyes while listening is the most focus." So Ang Lee new hope not to please others and loss of innocence, youthful and utter innocence must hold." In addition to tell young people to maintain a sense of innocence, Ang Lee Cheng Yi two small meat of Zhao Zhiwei "相关的主题文章: