The failure of investment in the Ji’nan men’s girlfriend quarrel to kill Prodigal girlfriend abscond stand by me shinee

The failure of investment in the Ji’nan men’s girlfriend quarrel to kill "Prodigal girlfriend" absconded with the original title: girlfriend quarrel investment failure, Ji’nan man killed the "Prodigal girlfriend" fled three years ago because of a dispute with investment, investment after three years, Zheng Jun suspects a knife to kill his girlfriend Liu Hua, fled to Yangzhou after the use of multiple identity card four in five days of a residence, trying to escape the police chase. Recently, Ji’nan Huaiyin police alarm day and night, thousands of miles to chase, after 64 hours of continuous fighting, in Jiangsu city of Yangzhou province will run so far suspect Zheng Jun (a pseudonym) in one fell swoop, successfully cracked the case of intentional homicide. Police arrested the suspect in Yangzhou Zheng Jun. Qilu Evening News reporter Du Honglei · Qilu one investment money fights screenshot kill Zheng Jun (a pseudonym) 38 years old this year, Jinan, had drug abuse and fraud convictions, usually love investment. Three years ago, he met his girlfriend Liu Hua (a pseudonym) in an investment group. At the outset, two people because of investment chat very speculative, and the development of the relationship between men and women friends. Liu Hua, hometown is Jiangsu, divorce later to Ji’nan. Investment has earned lose, but his girlfriend Liu Hua recent investment often fails. Liu Hua borrowed a lot of money from Zheng Jun friends, but also the mother of the housing mortgage loans made by Zheng Jun. Every day to face debt recovery, the relationship between the two began to deteriorate, and often quarrel. September 27th at 1 in the morning, Zheng and Liu Hua have returned home. Zheng Jun drank wine again and Liu Hua quarrel, and intensified. Zheng Jun, who had lost his mind, found a fruit knife from the kitchen and pushed his girlfriend, Liu Hua, down the bed of the bedroom. This knife in the middle of Liu Hua’s neck artery, blood DC, the ultimate death. The fact that the identity of others to buy tickets to escape Yangzhou, the incident is the house of Zheng Jun rental, and usually its mother Liu also live here. At the time of the incident, Ms. Liu to relatives live for a few days, not at home. On September 29th at 9:30 in the morning, Ms. Liu returned home to open the door, of greet is lying in the bed in the bedroom of a woman. At this point, his son Zheng Jun has disappeared, can not contact. Confound Liu hold after the call 110. After receiving the alarm, Huaiyin police immediately set up a task force, police brigade, Camp Street police station to carry out the work in the relevant departments under the guidance of. After investigation, the cause of death of the deceased Liu Hua stabbed broken neck artery leading to hemorrhagic shock and death. After technical investigation, the police concluded that the death time for the night of September 26th to 27 am. Liu Hua and her boyfriend in the area of the deceased renting live with, after the death of Liu Hua, Zheng lost contact with the army that is, Zheng Jun. Police quickly carry out investigation to determine the presence of a major criminal suspects zheng. The police immediately carry out the investigation on the This matter should not be delayed., Zheng Jun, Zheng Jun has been found from Ji’nan in September 27th. In order to avoid the investigation of public security organs, Zheng army fled when the fake identity of others to take the high-speed rail, via Hangzhou city of Zhejiang Province, fled to Jiangsu city of Yangzhou province. That evening, the task force sent police to drive to Yangzhou. However, even for home early in the morning of September 30th 4)相关的主题文章: