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The exposure was threatened by Zhang Jizhong fan Xin man: people believe a knife to chop you – Sohu entertainment Zhang Jizhong was photographed before the trouble [with his wife Fan Xinman in front of the door Click to view photos] entertainment Sohu because of divorce disputes, Zhang Jizhong and fan Xin man on the morning of November 2nd, the outbreak of the conflict, fan Xin man was Zhang Jizhong refers to "Zhuojian in bed". Yesterday (November 7th), the strange man appeared in the fan Xin man in an interview, dictating the truth. The man said he is a fan Xin man driver, when the book fan Xin man demanded she arrived in fanjia. Oral case, Zhang Jizhong had threatened to believe a knife to chop you, and the man on the cuff and kick. Zhang Jizhong’s brother also asked him "you mixed way", in that the other side is the driver, he said: "you want to die you, MB you know what is called Beijing old gun is? I am the old gun in Beijing." And in the face of the police station hit him a slap in the face. Fan Xin man disclosed "mobile phone door" angrily by Zhuojian "rumors in the morning of 2 August, informed sources broke the news, the famous director Zhang Jizhong to bring people to the wife of Fan Xinman in Beijing, Changping’s housing, forcing its signed the divorce agreement, the two sides clashed. In the scene of conflict, fan Xin man Zhang Jizhong was stolen mobile phone. Zhang Jizhong smashed the door, the scene is a mess. Fan Xinman in order to return to the cell phone stolen by Zhang Jizhong, blocking the car of the Zhang Jizhong. The police could also be of no avail, two people on the bridge in the stalemate for a long time, finally they both went to the hospital…… "Then Zhang Jizhong ZhuoGan in bed", "pepper spray" and other rumors as one falls, another rises. In this regard, the all star on an exclusive interview with the fan Xin man, fan Xin man one responded to these rumors. > > > [[Zhang Jizhong]] with related marriage Rashomon August 30th, director Zhang Jizhong’s wife fan Xin man traced derailed another director Xiao Qi, two people suspected of eating together, hugs, and two people to spend 3 hours at night picture exposure. At the same time, there are people that Zhang Jizhong wife Fan Xinman and Xiao Qi "for two years and a half, advance secretly by an unknown path" two people still rob Zhang Jizhong in the company’s assets. But the news was denied fan Xin man, and pointed out that over the years has derailed Zhang Jizhong is still in the United States, a mistress and illegitimate child. Suddenly, this event in "rashomon". It is reported that Zhang Jizhong and his wife fan vine age difference of 18 years old, the cohabitation of the people for 12 years, in 2002 officially registered marriage, the two sides did not hold a wedding. Fan Xinman has worked in CCTV news commentary department, also served as a "moving China" column such as director, Xiao Qi has been the industry as Zhang Jizhong’s right-hand man, is also responsible for Zhang Jizhong’s latest film "Chi You" ares producer, is rumored to have had recognized Zhang Jizhong as the godfather. Fan Xinman derailed for the response, said he did and Zhang Jizhong in a divorce lawsuit. At the same time, she also throws dirt, said he and Xiao Qi’s relationship, is actually Zhang Jizhong derailed, and the man for me, not only in the United States have a 3 year old illegitimate child, but there is a 31 year old younger than his mistress. Fan Xin Ye also said that Zhang Jizhong is currently in private transfer of property.    相关的主题文章: