The exposure of Guo Degang Shoutu criteria not handsome than me – in the new network-stand by me shinee

The exposure of Guo Degang Shoutu criteria: not handsome than me – Beijing, Beijing, September 3, recently, Guo Degang for the first time publicly Deyunshe genealogy, he recognized in the reality show "the apprentice" in the mood for men — OD, was officially incorporated. OD immediately sent micro-blog certification: "I am very glad to join in this big family, please exhibitions." Netizens have joked: "this is a small Yue Yue’s brother OD" and "Deyunshe Taiwan branch to open"…… watched the program audience also said: "see that program is a joke, really did not expect to enter Deyunshe!" "OD de Genealogy" news is a strong occupy micro-blog hot search list, a day of heat reclaim. In tonight’s "in the mood" men in the streets of Vienna, because of a roadside Guo Degang and OD officially become attached to Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables. Two people with a journey, each shake joke burden wonderful performances called "de roadshow", even Guo Degang himself quipped: "we walk a few steps to say, can cut out a season!" For both teacher and student daily, but also often to slip partner, "Jia Nailiang.". As early as in the first program, Guo Degang has admitted Jia Nailiang micro-blog is to open the door disciple "". In order to realize the dream of Jia Nailiang’s apprentice, has not stopped. Tonight, I heard Guo Degang Shoutu things, Jia Nailiang said "asked OD:" I heard someone ‘cut’, thanks to the teacher Guo teacher, who gave you the right?" Jia Nailiang want to see master mind, OD said: "the master can’t take a handsome than him at one’s side!" Jia Nailiang back then: "I don’t care, in Deyunshe my salary must be more than OD!" By the two stooges amused, Guo Degang smiled: "no trouble, good things, good talk, you are more handsome than him, in Deyunshe than OD, okay?" Whether the "given name why Europe and the Longji"? OD will be how to block Jia Nailiang’s "rivalry" of the road? Please lock tonight 20:40 Oriental TV "in the mood" team!相关的主题文章: