The effect of the national foot training goalkeeper Yang Xu although the election into the election

In training the keeper Yang Xu set foot into the war although doubtful [information] elected Xi’an training situation is not ideal in the foot training camp in Wuhan Guangzhou Daily reporter Zhang Zhe yesterday, Chinese Football Association announced the Orangemen in preparation for the October 12 finals matches the new 24 man squad. Two compared this list with the September 12 strong match, 4 people including veteran Zheng Zhi, defeated, another veteran Dewey and Zhang Chengdong, Yang Xu and others to be. Young fellow Zhang Yuning also continue to play the only country full array of returnees role players. This list indicates the key matches with Gao Hongbo in October will be the main attack to get all the cards, as the target. Hengda 5 people are still selected large output compared with September, the list of the country’s top 24 people out of Zheng Zhi, Haifeng Ding, and so on, and then, he, Zeng, Zeng Cheng, who has increased the number of people, such as the increase in the number of people in the world, such as the increase of the number of the people of the world, such as the increase of the number of the people of the world, such as the increase of the number of the people of the Republic of China, such as the increase of the number of the people of the Republic of China, such as the increase of the number of the people of the world. The players from the distribution point of view, Hengda to 5 people still become the first major international output; in AFC Champions League 8 strong Hong Kong Shanghai and Shandong Luneng respectively contributed 4 and 3 people; Beijing Guoan, Jiangsu Suning and Hebei Huaxia happiness also have 3 players selected. Six Super old and new giants to carve up the list of places, only the sun can come from a medium of Tianjin and Zhang Yuning from overseas. At present in the top 4 clubs, only Shanghai Shenhua "zero international", which is the voice of high Cao Yunding continues to miss the Orangemen list. September national list of 5 people were eliminated, the only affected by the impact of the disease is Zeng cheng. In the home court for the Iran team in a war that had the injured season, so Gao Hongbo was transferred to Junling yan. Sit in a foot had Wang Dalei because of the recent state is really too bad, Gao Hongbo is no longer considered him. In October the two top 12 Tournament 3 times in this squad goalkeeper, who first served as national football goalkeeper, but also the effect of training period. According to the original schedule of the foot, the team will focus on September 26th in Wuhan, to prepare for Xi’an in October 2nd, in October 6th against the Syria team at home. This game is very important for the national team, with 3 points is the primary task. Zheng Zhi does not match the Guozu tactical defeat defeat Zheng Zhi has become a focus of the training list. In fact, Zheng Zhi’s age and technical characteristics are not in line with the tactical requirements of Gao Hongbo. September is called him up, more is to consider the game with the South Korean team and the Iran team will focus on defense and tactical requirements. Coupled with the fact that Feng Xiaoting has been out of state, so in order to increase the stability of the defense, Gao Hongbo ventured to recall Zheng Zhi. Unfortunately, Zheng Zhi scored a goal in South Korea opener, made him in Gao Hongbo’s mind the impression of discount. Iran war, Gao Hongbo has not let him continue to start. Just the end of the FA Cup semi-final second leg, also played the three defender tactical bodied, veteran Zhang Yaokun because of a low-level errors conceded the lead a serious blow to the morale of R & F. The same position, the same mistake, the team is a huge blow, so Gao Hongbo watched the game, further determined not to move the determination of Zheng Zhi. Because of the Syria team battle to grab 3 points, Gao Hongbo may be back into 4231 formations, he thinks to Asahi相关的主题文章: