The drama actress Yao Di was stolen Ye Qing says so…-puritans pride

The drama actress Yao Di was stolen? Ye Qing says so… Ye Qing, Yao Di (data plan) yesterday, the network comedy variety show "Huan de law" premiere held in Beijing, Ye Qing, Zhang Xiaoqian wait until the guest field, according to the "energy-saving" before that was robbing Yao Di corner, Ye Qing yesterday the scene said his attitude is indisputable rob, naturally. Previously, Ye Qing refers to Yao Di in the TV series "energy-saving" and a number of things for her daughter had spread yesterday morning, raise a Babel of criticism of, "energy-saving" crew exposed a group of actors makeup posters, Yao Di, Qiao Zhenyu starred in the identity of the emergence of Ye Qing ", was already out fail in an examination. Yesterday, Ye Qing responded, I think it is very normal to do such things in the entertainment industry, a lot of things I can not decide an actor. I think this role to me, then I would like to play, if not to me, I will wait for a better role to find me, this is the life, let nature take its course." When asked later to encounter such a thing she would not be brave to fight, Ye Qing some frustration, said: I will not fight, will not go grab."相关的主题文章: