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The China features innovative economic theory — "Chinese socialist political economics forum Eighteenth Annual Meeting of the theory – Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of economic research sponsored by the" China socialist political economics forum Eighteenth Annual Meeting held in Beijing last. Participating scholars around the construction of socialist political economy with Chinese characteristics, promote structural reform and other issues of supply side were discussed. The scholars in the study reached the following consensus: first, construct Chinese socialist political economics system, deal with the yuan think, on the existing theoretical system of political economy to sort out, adjust and improve the analysis of the history and civilization of the foundation of the socialist political economy Chinese gene characteristics, study major practical problems since the reform and opening up in summary the new theory. Second, the theory of socialist market economy is a major achievement of the socialist political economics Chinese core characteristics, improve the socialist market economic system is to deal with the relation between government and market, and vigorously promote the market-oriented reform and transformation of government functions. Third, the root cause of China’s economic downturn is the supply side, to promote the structural reform of the supply side can promote the economy of our country from the total catch-up to the quality and efficiency of the transformation, expanding economic growth. At present, should be completed to production, to inventory, leverage, reducing cost, make a short board five key tasks. "People’s Daily" (October 10, 2016 12 Edition)相关的主题文章: