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The bridge has become the 2018 Asian Games project or promotion opportunities bridge for the first time into the Asian Games sina sports eighteenth Asian Games on 08 2018 18 August 02 August 09 -2018 years in Indonesia, the Asian Games held in Jakarta, one of the highlights is the bridge to become the first official game project. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia to host the second Asian Games, the Asian Games held in 1962 in the fourth. The Jakarta Asian Games have 40 events, including 32 Olympic events and 8 non Olympic events. In November 8, 2012, thirty-first OCA Congress, Vietnam Hanoi beat Indonesia’s second largest city of Surabaya City, won the eighteenth Asian Games, but because of money and had to give up the right to host the construction site, and the Games in the first big city in Jakarta of indonesia. On September 25, 2016, the OCA and the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games Organizing Committee to finalize the eighteenth Asian games. Here two years ago, held in Inchon in September the general assembly of the OCA, the Jakarta Asian Games Organizing Committee has put forward the initial plan for a 37 game, 28 Olympic Games and baseball, softball, bowling, kabaddi, cane, squash, cricket and martial arts, karate. Now with the return to the Olympic baseball, International Olympic Committee added karate, rock climbing, skateboarding and surfing, the Olympic projects increased from 28 items to 33 items of the original, one of the Olympic venues projects should reason missed the 2018 Asian Games: missed the 2018 Asian Games in the Olympic Games project is surfing, but the Executive Committee of the OCA that should be added on the bridge, in order to adapt to the future development of the Asian games. Attention is always fatal to bridge. The bridge is a little "movement", and extreme aging, and the bridge was listed as an official event for the Asian Games can bridge the popularization contribution. The first bridge lovers would like to take this opportunity to have a positive impact on the bridge "insiders", which extends to the outside of the circle, plays the role of a virtuous circle. Last year in the Bermuda bowl before and after being exposed to the multinational players cheating once to bridge the sport has brought great negative effects, how to prevent such behavior in the Asian Games, Asian Games Organizing Committee has also become a problem in front of difficult. (Ma Jie)相关的主题文章: