The breakdown of Buddhist vocabulary meaning behind onavo protect

The breakdown of Buddhist vocabulary meaning behind the breakdown of Buddhist vocabulary meaning behind the Buddha Buddha, and Buddha Bodhisattva not bless us, rich and healthy, but their teachings in guiding us, leading us away from harm. Buddha, is the inward prayer, to pray their tathagata. From the process, is actually through tamon xunxi, yoniso, product information net avoidance, yielding off dust troubles, restore clean self, all kinds of special refinement process xianfa. Buddha statue of Buddha is always remind us, do not forget the teachings of the Buddha, to see the Buddha, the Buddha thought in the classic inside of us a lot of lessons. Sometimes I forget it, and when I see the buddha. In our daily life, doing things with the Buddha did not follow the way of getting along with people, learned to do? Kotow kowtow, said to the Buddha’s veneration, learning to consciousness, consciousness in front of reflection, to repent of their mistakes, sin, to subdue pride. The Buddha is enlightened, we are all in order to kowtow consciousness, is when students the sense of shame. Many people have formed from eons of proud heart, whenever we kowtow to all sentient beings, remove a proud heart. Muyu Buddhism Buddhist musical instrument in fish, the fish shape is made of wood, I beat the head, the intention is that the fish have a special habits, whether it is real or still in the water, eyes a rest, take the advanced characteristics of Buddhism, beating Muyu encourages ascetics not to work hard slack. The police all the verse Samantabhadra Scripture: "the day has passed, the life also with reduction, such as less fish, is why". Incense, flowers, fruits, water lamp, candle, incense really is really fragrant ring set! The precepts, set, wisdom that is the real practice! The true meaning of burning incense is to express respect, gratitude and remembrance of the buddha. To dye the net, dedication of life, awareness of life. Spend on behalf of, on behalf of virtue. For the flowers to see their own people, to remind people usually pay attention to virtue. After the flowers will be the result of a good bloom, fruit can be good. Therefore, only because of Chang Xiushan, in the future will be able to get good results. Fruit represents fruit. Fruit is not supplied to the Buddha to eat, is to teach us to see fruit, you can think of "what kind of fruit to be reported, it is necessary to repair what kind of". From the Buddhist perspective, the representative of Germany, is a fruit of wisdom. The light is for the light, and the light for all is wisdom, so when we see all the light, we must think of the way to wisdom. The candle stands like a candle burning themselves, others lit. This is Buddhism to the people, to seek wisdom, will be able to go to sacrifice, with their wisdom, their strength, their skills to serve the community, to help all beings, and not seek compensation. It is to advocate the people "to death to make silk, wax torch ashes tears" the spirit of dedication. Water on behalf of state of mind. Water is very pure, on behalf of the heart to clean. Water can not wave is flat, on behalf of equality. Therefore, to support this cup of water, to see it that our hearts must be as clean as water, equality.相关的主题文章: