The boy was cheap to play online games left her face two years of Internet cafes-yuanmu

The boy was cheap to play online games left his wife and daughter Moumou holding bar squat two years less than one year old granddaughter came to Lee County Public Security Bureau Chengguan police station yard, choking on the police said: "please help my son!" The boy was cheap to play online games left her face two years of Internet cafes originally, Wu Moumou son 26 years old this year, began nearly two years addicted to online games, almost two years of living in a cafe, the two old people for the loan’s barber shop open with no one to care have stopped operating, in order to keep the old son, two has to pay for it 6 yuan loans, who not only son will not repent, motorcycle value of 11000 yuan purchase home 2000 yuan cheap to sell as the cost of Internet access, even his own daughter’s milk money do not have to pay. The face of this situation, the two old people look forward to his son several times to go to Internet cafes for return of the prodigal son, son, see because of the Internet do not eat or drink the son of wasting away and refused to repent, and ask people who not only son persuasion, do not listen to persuasion, but also angry Apple’s own mobile phone broke. The face of the son of late "rebellious period", the two old people only tears to the police station for help at a loss what to do. Police Zheng Bin, Huang Tao heard Wu Moumou after crying, just arrived with an Internet cafe in the town, wake up in the Internet bar computer before sleeping after a young man face ignorant, Wu Moumou looking at the white T-shirt has yellow, image sloppy son tears. Leave the cafe, the police station Zheng Bin let the boy took his mother’s bosom child, to pull the homely way with the boy talk, when the police asked her name, he should say two names, the police criticized young man, the young man said you don’t steal from and not break the law, police presence all shocked. In the face of stubborn boy, the police through examples, facts and reason, this guy as a man should take up social and family responsibilities, not because of their Internet addiction lost family, delayed their life, after an hour long criticism of persuasion, young man finally expressed regret, and said not to indulge the network will find a legitimate occupation, good life. The police will be sent home after their three people, Wu Moumou shed tears of gratitude. (source: 3DM editor: WB) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: