The Bourne 5 will increase the 2D row piece 3D version for the mainland; stun audience – the m-shuyue

"The Bourne 5" will increase the 2D row piece   3D version for the mainland; stun audience – the media – original title: "the Bourne 5" will increase the 2D row piece Matt Damon in "the Bourne 5" studio "the Bourne 5" 23 days in the mainland release, the film of handheld camera and fast switching picture effect, after turning into 3D people shouted dizziness, many viewers want to see the 2D version, but found many theaters only 3D row piece. This piece of universal pictures yesterday issued a statement, said it would increase the version of 2D film sheet. The 3D version of "the Bourne 5" is designed for China mainland version of 3D. As early as 2014 "transcendental hacker" was released, it was pointed out that the mainland version of "special 3D", the film in foreign markets is the 2D version, the shooting is the use of 2D technology, to Chinese mainland released from 2D to 3D conversion. At that time, the film side of DMG company has been criticized, the audience does not buy it. Since the "special 3D" did not disappear, "2012" "7" speed and passion to join them. Why is special for the 3D encounter "the Bourne 5", encounter such widespread protests? "Bourne" series features a handheld camera and its rapid shot. However, this feature with the 3D version, let the camera shake more violently, so easy to make people dizzy. Poor viewing experience, so that some film critics and viewers on the Internet called for the boycott of the 3D version. Yesterday evening, the film universal international pictures Chinese issued a statement, said the "fully understand and respect the needs of the audience, is closely associated with the two film distribution company and China cooperation, and theater consultation, for as soon as possible for the audience to provide more 3D viewing sessions. As of last night, a number of homes line sources confirmed, have received a 2D version of the key. (reporter Nie Kuanmian) (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章: