The birthday of Aaron Kwok playing youth camp Fucheng head – another wave of entertainment Sohu misao

The birthday of Aaron Kwok playing youth camp "Fucheng head" – another wave of Sohu entertainment network exposure Aaron Kwok joined "seventeen years old" our fans look forward to the very Sohu entertainment news yesterday, King Aaron Kwok fans for their birthday, sentimental old old photos was dug out, playing memories kill, "Fucheng head" to start another boom, against the yen value so users could not to exclaim: "it’s so handsome!" "It is tender"! "Aaron Kwok head" comeback King Yan value guards stunning passers-by yesterday, Guo King ushered in his old days is a big wave, according to the old users have been dug out, and killed again by the memories of playing guards yen value to conquer, have sent birthday wishes: "Guo A Wang Sheng day, in my heart you forever 17 at the age of!" Aaron Kwok debut in 1990, 2 years after the identity of the new man was named one of the "king of the four". Jacky Cheung amazing vocals, Andy Lau, dawn song and Aaron Kwok in the film, known for their dance, by the strength and charm of the Hongkong entertainment industry become the most brilliant powerful witness. Aaron Kwok exquisite dancing and popular songs became his most remarkable label, until the middle of 1980s to the end of 90s, King became a fashion goers, separate from the middle of the natural hair will become China mainland and Hong Kong and Taiwan’s most popular classic models, known as "the head of Aaron Kwok". At that time the young people eager to take the king poster to the barber shop the same hairstyle, looking at the curse of Fucheng head ", not the hair at that time is outdated. Now the popular 90 meat Luhan and Yang Yang also have to follow the "urban", however, is the originator of the Guo king hair. Aaron Kwok old Yan exposure value guards second circle powder King reality show debut offering fans waiting in the hearts of fans forever 17 years old Guo King rarely participated in the variety, a few times is only served as mentors or guests, can be said to be "a variety of insulator". Recently, the news broke Aaron Kwok will serve as a permanent guest in a large domestic star inverse time travel Zhejiang TV reality show "we are seventeen", and five other male artists "brothers", to regain the heart, to love and play the youth time, fans can not help feeling: ". My life, really have the idol Aaron Kwok? Return to the age of seventeen? Mushroom head at that time all ah!". In October 26th, the program for the first time the administrative micro-blog Guo King send birthday wishes, the king officially joined the news finally confirmed that the fans suddenly exploded, the expression of super king expect to participate in the variety: "in order to support my city, seventeen years old". What was it like when he was seventeen years old? What’s going on? If you return to seventeen years old, what do you want to do? Fans have become the most curious question. Yan value guards, trendsetting Guo king will rub out what kind of spark in the "seventeen years" in the US? Bring you what kind of moved? It is indeed a great expectation.   相关的主题文章: