The 82 year old home for more than 70 years. Donate million pension roots (Figure) –

The 82 year old home for more than 70 years. Donate million pension roots (Figure) – Beijing – old Lang Chungui (left) to ten thousand yuan of money to the village Party Secretary hand. Correspondent Zhang Jiuling photo newspaper news (reporter correspondent Zhu Yanhui Zhang Jiuling Shan red) recently, a very old man, accompanied by his family from Shenyang to Qian’an, fatigued with the journey Kou Zhuang Xiang Lang Zhuang Cun Wei Hui, ten thousand yuan will be delivered to the hands of village cadres pension. In the village cadres to ask, the old man said he also Lang Zhuang people, although far from home for more than 70 years, but the feeling of home is still strong, for home construction as a heart. The old man named Lang Chungui, was born in 1934 Lang Lang village a poor farm, 82 years old, after the age of 9 with his family left home after living in Shenyang. Now, when he stepped on the Lang Zhuang village land again accompanied by his family, the old man’s eyes suddenly moist, he gripped the village Party branch secretary Ke Ling Xiang’s hand excitedly said: "I am also Lang Zhuang people, here is my home!" According to the elderly, the Japanese invasion of China in 1943 the outbreak of the war, in order to avoid the disaster, at the age of 9 with his family to the northeast of Shenyang, at the age of 16 began an apprenticeship. Northeast after the liberation, he was "full of enthusiasm into the socialist construction", due to the outstanding performance, has won the "Shenyang model", "advanced worker" and the honorary title, also had the honor to participate in the "Third National Congress of the New Democratic Youth League Chinese, by Chairman Mao interview. 1994 retired from Shenhe District Finance Bureau of Shenyang. Although the small home, the impression of the home is not too much, but the older the more eager to return home to see." Lang Chungui said the old man, "return to hometown" in recent years has been his cherished wish, now finally returned to his hometown, "in the rest of life can come back to look at home, drink the water of home, I feel at ease." In Lang Zhuang village committee, village Party Secretary Ke Ling Xiang to the old man introduced these years Lang village changes from the local customs and practices that food culture, from the village to the villagers home life, the old man looked rapt attention, not good, home ownership and a sense of pride to make people excited. Before leaving, the old man pulled out a stack of money from the bag and handed off the Secretary hand, "I am I Lang Zhuang people, but never made a contribution to our homeland, the ten thousand dollars for my compliments to my hometown." Small home, nostalgia has not changed, home after an absence of 70 years, but still have a heart of gratitude to the roots of utter innocence, the old man touched the village people.相关的主题文章: