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The 30 day of the 30 teams in Milwaukee: the Kidd experiment letters continue to sit tight core sports Sohu brother from the new season opening date draws near, recently, NBA official website published 30 days beginning 30 team series on each team league offseason operation were reviewed, also discussed the prospect of their future year performance. Today, the official website of the Milwaukee team, the Milwaukee bucks. The season record: 33 wins and 49 summer players: Jerry – Bayles, Damian – Albert – Mira Les, English, grevey, Nyquist, Johnny gas – OBryant, OJ- Mayo this summer supplement: Thorn – MA Kerr (the first round of the tenth rookie, Malcolm Blo Gordon) – (second round pick in the draft, thirty-sixth) Mirza, Matthew, Della Vedova Tailetuo Vicky Jason Terry since 2001, has not been too many bucks as League teams. These years, the bucks on draft was particularly looking forward to, but the irony is that until this summer, they are still mired in the lottery. People scratching, to solve this problem, but no one can explain. Last summer, when the bucks to introduce a strong inside Monroe, they have targeted the playoffs, but the fact is that the Bucks stumbled in the season, and once again helpless into the lottery draft camp. This year, the Bucks chose a big man, but this choice has brought a lot of new problems. At least for now, the Bucks have not traded Monroe’s plans, even if he has been proven not to match the system. Therefore, the next season, the Bucks will still be strange situation, perhaps one day, they will become a good team, but first, the team had to understand their own problems. The list, there is too many hand, a lot of people can play multiple positions, but speaking of each position of the professionals, it is very short of the bucks. Of course, such a design, but also from the Bucks coach Jason – Kidd hand, he believes that this versatile players tend to form a dislocation in the game. In the middle of the season, Kidd even expanded his experiment, he opened the new guard as a buck Ade Tor Quinn Bo. And this attempt, to some extent, played a role. As a result of the control point of the experiment so keen, this summer, the Bucks did not add a good point guard. In other words, the new season, letters and Maikawei will still be the brother team No. 1 on the first choice, even if they are not pure point guard. Although the Bucks signed della Vedova into the team, and the latter is indeed a pass first point guard, but last season, La in Knight’s performance, but a bit less stunning; the future, he in the Bucks system, I just added on the bench. However, he averaged out time should be in 15 minutes. Originally, the bucks in the players on the market to grab Dwayne – Wade, so that the team’s number 2 starting in the first place, can be promoted to the 3 bit of the. Middleton has this kind of body, can be competent for the position of small forward, but whether he matches this really相关的主题文章: