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2016 Hu Run brand list: Taobao mobile and Baidu Tencent in a separated two or three U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest market news September 20th, Hu Run Research Institute released this afternoon "2016 Hu Run brand list", the 200 most valuable brand Chinese on the list. Among them, the Taobao brand value of 230 billion yuan more than Tencent, for the first time to become the most valuable brand in China, China Mobile to the brand value of $227 billion ranked the country’s, Baidu ranked 218 billion yuan. Over the past two years at the top of the list of Tencent this year to 210 billion yuan of brand value ranked fifth, is the main reason for this year is calculated separately for the WeChat brand value; with 700 million users of WeChat for the first time on the list with 132 billion yuan of brand value ranked seventh. Science and technology industry leader brand value rose, the average rose as high as 59%. NetEase and HUAWEI brand value this year, the largest increase in the list of two brands, or 298% and 293%. The top ten brands, the traditional industries and technology accounted for half. It is reported that the 200 list of the total brand value of the brand grew by three over the past year, an increase of 7% over last year, reaching 4 trillion and 600 billion, the highest for the calendar year. Science and technology industry average rose as high as 59%; followed by the film and television industry, up by 33%; once again, the home appliance industry, up by 22%. The sum of the top 10 brand value accounted for nearly 40% of the entire list. 139 brand value growth over last year (including 31 new list brand), the value of the 56 brands than last year. Hu Run chairman and chief researcher Hu Run said that the technology industry is growing rapidly, a lot of technology brands have become a part of the lives of consumers in China. When domestic demand continues to grow, the growth of these brands will be very alarming. In the "2015 most valuable brands China", Tencent’s brand value of 277 billion yuan won the "most valuable Chinese brand"; Alibaba’s brand Taobao brand value of 266 billion yuan, China Mobile and Baidu in the ICBC brand ranked second; in addition, Baidu mobile ranked third, fourth, Fifth Industrial and Commercial Bank of china. Part 2016: the list of the most valuable Chinese brand 10 strong 2016 technology brands ranked the 2016 most valuable China private brand 10 years "camp Hu Runmin brand list" editor: Li Wu SF053相关的主题文章: