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The 17 year old music girl dormitory before the holiday is hanging before the incident broke up – Sohu news flower (a pseudonym) in micro-blog pictures. Micro-blog screenshot July 15th at 1 05, issued a final micro-blog flower: I love you, but we can’t be together anymore, cry after a good night, tomorrow is a new start. She used a coat in the bedroom bed, hanging himself up…… This is the second day of Shenyang Conservatory of Music high school sophomore students summer vacation days, at 10 in the morning, mother, 45 year old Li Huahua touched the coat sleeve, bawler. From the age of 6, held at Shenyang Conservatory of Music preschool, primary school, junior high school, then a read, has been in residence. Why choose flower Dutch act? With the deepening of the investigation, Lee suddenly found this on the micro-blog claiming to be fine sub girl for her child is so strange. 17 year old girl bedroom hanging know children going on summer vacation home, Li Qiang also want to get some flowers and delicious nutrition. Learning piano professional flower. The summer vacation is completed, will be the senior. Of course, Shenyang Conservatory of Music, this is our two requirements of the couple. The children from preschool in Shenyang Conservatory of Music school, when she was 6 years old at the start. Then elementary school, junior high school, has been to high school for more than 10 years are Shen tone of the child." In Li Qiang’s plan, if you can, we are preparing to send flowers to study abroad. Although the flower before boarding, Li Qiang every weekend should pick her home over the weekend after school, sending her to school. "To the high school, the child said he was big, we will not insist on sending her." Li Qiang said. 9 am, Lee suddenly received a phone call from the school leader, said the child had an accident. "To say is self mutilation, put down the phone I feel wrong, called back, then said the child Dutch act." Li Qiang and his wife hurried to school. Said the police are in the bedroom to deal with the scene, let us go in. When we entered the room, the child has been taken away, the scene there is a piece of her cotton tied beam on the bedroom bed. They told me that this flower is Dutch act appropriately." Li Qiang said. 1 hours later, Li Qiang saw the flower, "the child lying on the bed, eyes closed, looks like falling asleep. I don’t believe that the child is only 17 years old……" His large circle of friends and delete micro-blog flower incident in the bedroom, so when her roommate was where? After investigation, the police finally identified, July 15th morning flower in the dorm room ziyishenwang. Her two roommates also went to the police department to accept the inquiry, the original incident when her roommate is not in the bedroom, but secretly ran to school. Several students said the flower, the flower is experiencing a relationship. "The boy’s home is in Harbin, the family condition is very good, a higher than her, has determined to go abroad. It seems that these two people are breaking up. The end of the 6 month flower also specially went to Harbin for a week." Flower)相关的主题文章: