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Stress-Management Tax season is right around the corner, which means that holiday stress will soon be replaced with tax stress. Americans will become overwhelmed with gathering their information, figuring out the stressful convoluted tax system, fearing an audit and worrying about how to pay any taxes owed, after paying for many family emergencies. While we all know the havoc this can cause on our mental state, many people don’t realize the impact this stress can have on their health. This is why I’ve written Neurolegislation: Neuro-Tax-Law and Tax Stress, the first tax/medical book. This pioneering and powerful book explains how stress caused by our complex income tax system and IRS audits contributes to medical problems in our bodies. To help you understand the importance of this topic, I’ll introduce you to some of the key points. Stress and the Immune System. Stress has been scientifically proven to suppress our immune system. As a result, it is a contributing factor in causing many diseases and illnesses from the common flu to cancer. This problem is exacerbated for pregnant mothers and their fetuses, especially in the first and second trimesters, and can lead to major long-term, adverse medical consequences for the child. To keep ourselves and our children healthy, we need to reduce the stress in our lives, particularly large, chronic stressors such as stressful income tax systems. The scientific and medical community need to connect the dots to help the lawmakers. There has been a significant amount of research and data collected that links stress and increased chance of getting various diseases. Americans know how stressful our income tax system is. A database will be needed to formalize the correlation between our income tax system and stress. This database will be the foundation to further analyze the relationship between the stress of our tax laws, IRS audits and the illnesses caused by stress. This information will not only illustrate the impact of stress on our health, but it will also highlight the flaws in our income tax system. The author has initiated such a database under CenterForNeurolegislationStudies.Org. The contributors to this database will be medical professionals, hospitals, scientists and the taxpayers. The users of the database will be the lawmakers, the President, the Internal Revenue Service officials and the taxpayers. Time for a Change. When it come to our income tax laws, there needs to be a limit to how much complexity the government can and should be allowed to impose on citizens. This limit has already been surpassed, and this has to change for a healthier generation. Our tax system is costing us 500 billion dollars a year. This means we are less secure and less healthy by 500 billion dollars a year. What are we waiting for to make a transformational change to our income tax system? THE NEUROLEGISLATION GENIE IS OUT!! AND SHE WILL NOT GO BACK IN THE BOTTLE. Every taxpayer, politician and medical professional should read. Neurolegislation: Neuro-Tax-Law and Tax Stress to better understand the problems in our income tax system, the impact these problems have on our health and the potential solutions. We need to make changes before it is too late, and the first step to creating lasting change is educating yourself on the problems and solutions. To purchase Neurolegislation: Neuro-Tax-Law and Tax Stress, visit .outskirtspress../NEUROLEGISLATION. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: